Somatic Therapy Masterclass

Learn What EFFECTIVE Trauma Therapy Looks Like

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Whether you're working with clients now or are on a journey of healing (or both), there often feels like a 'missing piece of the puzzle'

An underlying process that causes Self Sabotage and much unnecessary suffering.
This process cannot be understood by the mind alone.

The mind will actually reinforce the issue by creating a shame based identity, one that says "there's something wrong with me"

When we understand the body, the nervous system & its adaptations we can remove shame and create true transformation in our lives.

We look forward to seeing you in the class.
There will be basic, intermediate & advanced concepts discussed so all are welcome.

Join creators of Embodied Processing, Matt & Ryan to discuss:

  • How to identify traumatic imprints in the body
  • The importance of including the body during therapy
  • What effective trauma therapy looks like