The paradigms we view the issues of mental and emotional pain which could be holding us back in life. To get better outcomes for ourselves and the people we love we must shake up these paradigms and gain new understandings.

That is what this course does, from people who have lived it!

This course combines ancient wisdom that has stood the test of time, along with the latest science in the field of mental health and trauma.

Join us NOW!

What Will I Gain?

Understand yourself on a deeper level than ever before

Acquire techniques to ease mental/emotional pain

Learn from our knowledge of doing 1000's of sessions with clients

This course comprehensively covers 8 topics most critical to mental health. At the end you will be armed with the knowledge and new paradigms to best help yourself and/or others in the quest to be at peace and in love with life.

The Self Inquiry questions in each module will give you an understanding of yourself and where you may still be blocked. We can only meet others as far as we have met ourselves.

The Weekly Practice for each module is going to help unpack these blockages and give you greater self awareness.
The combination of education, self inquiry & practice will see you EMBODY these principles, which is where real learning takes place.

I'm currently doing your  'Going Deep' course and just wanted to express my gratitude to Ryan and Matt for their commitment to developing an authentic and insightful presentation. 

I recommended your course to a fellow EFT Pract. in Tasmania.  She has a Post Grad in Psychology, Diploma in Counselling and Masters in Suicidology (& has come to the conclusion that there has to be a better way to assist people to heal).  She has just let me know that she is doing your course and her goal is to start a healing centre in Launceston for people with addictions. Super exciting stuff!! 

Forgive my rant.....Just want you to know that you are not only reaching people, but having an incredibly positive impact.    

Oh, BTW Ryan....I love how you drop the 'F' bomb!!  Keeping it real!! Don't mind a bit of swear myself.





Congratulations to you both on achieving your potential, overcoming these challenges and assisting others to live fulfilling lives. I am doing this module to gain knowledge from your lived experience to help my students and family members.





I highly recommend this work. These guys are powerful facilitators who really know their stuff. ~Anthony

This has been insightful and I enjoyed the whole content. Great work to you all. ~Tammy

Love the resources.
Thank you!

- Our stories with addiction and what we do now
- Matt's Model of addiction, Ryan's Model of addiction
- Trauma and addiction
- The different drivers behind addictive behaviours, fears, pain, trauma, deficiency stories
- Different types of addictive behaviours.
- Is everyone an addict?
- What are we seeking and what are we avoiding by having addictions?
- Can addiction be resolved or does it just have to be managed indefinitely?
- Types of addiction recovery
- The process of bringing the drivers into conscious awareness so they can be healed

- What is trauma in the way we use the word?
- Catastrophic events, PTSD, and more subtle forms of trauma (also neglect).
- Is our society a traumatised society?
- What happens to our self image and our worldview as a result of trauma
- Trauma, our belief systems, our thinking patterns and our suppressed emotions
- Can trauma be healed? What needs to happen in order for trauma to heal?
- What happens after healing trauma?
- What techniques/processes do we use to heal?

- How an identity is created, our acquired false sense of self, and our Authentic Self
- Who are we really? Ego, what’s it for?
- The belief systems, thinking patterns, and emotional charge that creates an identity
- I’m unworthy / I’m worthy identity.
- Overcompensating for a deeper sense of deficiency
- Our story about who we are
- What needs to happen for us to return to our True Self?
- What needs to be looked at and healed?
- What are the blocks in realising/expressing our Authentic Self?
- The fears around healing trauma, and having no identity. Identifying with the pain as “who
we are” etc.
- The velcro effect of words, images and sensations

- What is anxiety?
- Is anxiety a symptom?
- Trauma and anxiety
- Core belief systems around anxiety (I am not safe).
- Can anxiety be healed?
- Fear and anxiety are synonymous
- Excitement vs anxiety.

- What is depression? (reframing what it is).
- Is depression a symptom?
- Depression and Anxiety. 2 sides of the same coin.
- Everyone’s depression is different.
- Trauma and depression
- Core belief systems around depression.
- Can depression be healed?
- Depression and connection.
- Can I accept myself as I am. Whatever state that is. (Can I surrender?)

- How our core belief systems are formed prior age 7
- What kind of situations causes belief systems?
- Can belief systems be changed?
- Why are most belief systems unconscious?
- How do core belief systems drive our lives?
- Are any beliefs actually true?
- What happens when we change our programming?
- You can narrow down 10,000 thought systems to one single belief
- How beliefs and emotions journey through life together
- How our belief systems veil our perception of reality

- What is healing? Matt's view/Ryan’s view
- The difference between suppression, repression, expression, and healing.
- How do we heal? (it is work! Only because we’ve habituated that way).
- Reintegrating parts of our psyche that got trapped in the past.
- What takes place when we heal our past? Emotionally, physically, spiritually?
- What techniques do we use with people?
- Does everyone have baggage? Why?
- Healing trauma/mental health issues (anxiety depression etc.)

- What is spirituality in our view?
- Can we “become” more spiritual?
- Removing the blocks to our true Self
- Having a direct experience of our Self
- What are some different models of spirituality?
- Trauma being a block and also healing trauma a catalyst for spirituality, spiritual
- Hawkins Scale
- Breaking down the identity (ego) to realise awareness
- The spiritual dimension of awareness (quantum field).
- Spirituality actually being beyond beliefs
- What is “awakening” compared to spiritual experience?
- Different paths of spirituality, eg. Devotion, self inquiry, religion, surrender, meditation,

Going Deep with Ryan Hassan & Matt Nettleton

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We're not Psychologists or Doctors

Lived experience practitioners are now being seen as the key moving forward to tackling mental illness & addiction. Ryan & Matt have a couple of decades between them of addiction and mental illness. They have not only healed their own pain and gotten past these conditions but have now conducted 1000's of sessions with people and have a proven track record of getting results.

Ryan has been the first person in a long time who has been able to help me see things clearly - he has been there to put things in perspective, has made me feel heard and most importantly, has helped me understand why I ended up addicted to ice in the first place.

My main fear was that I wouldn’t really be able to enjoy life without drugs but in the last few months, I’ve learnt that this isn’t actually the case, and that I wasn’t truly living or enjoying life as an addict.

Looking back, my life now is completely different than it was 3 months ago - I am mentally and physically a healthier and happier person, and I really am excited for the future.





I would highly recommend Matt. I've had over 30 years of healing, training and deep, deep work including bodywork and yet there was a level of trauma that was still running the show! There was still a level of safety and security that always seemed to elude me.

A few sessions with Matt made a fundamental shift in my being and also gave me a level of compassion and understanding of humanity that remains with me. I'm deeply grateful for his expertise, gentleness and thoroughness. Bless you, Matt, and all that you do.





Going Deep with Ryan Hassan & Matt Nettleton

For a Limited Time Access The Complete Course at 75% OFF!



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