Become a Certified Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coach

For most people, when we are on the healing journey, we can sometimes get stuck in the loop of finding something else to heal to finally be happy. 
Or, we may have been interested in manifesting and affirmations, but for some reason, we sabotage or block how we really want our reality to be and what we are capable of calling in. 
The problem is, most manifestation teachings don’t share with you how the nervous system greatly affects how we feel day to day and the current level of abundance that we have presently in our lives.

Combining the essential information and tools to becoming trauma-informed, along with the incredible clients results that manifestation coaching gives. 

This training will leave you with the ins and outs of what is happening on the seen and unseen levels of manifestation and actualising your deepest heartfelt desires. 
You will not find this kind of combination of practical knowledge and embodiment of understanding anywhere else. 
It’s time for you to offer mind-blowing incredible experiences and outcomes for you and your clients. 

Internationally Recognised Certification (IICT & IAOTH)

Self-Paced Online Study Course

Transformative and Effective Tools

The content and the delivery of this course is second to none.

If you’re in the healing space, I highly recommend becoming certified as a Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coach. Mel’s approach of taking the spiritual and unseen-psychological elements that affect a person’s psyche and using them to heal trauma or past wounds is an extremely effective method to help clients with goal setting. As many other goal setting or manifestation courses can fall short, by assuming that the same few steps work for everyone, Mel’s TIMC certification is different as it expertly turns the client into an aligned match psychologically for their goal so that they can not only find their own path but sustain it without self-sabotage. When you combine the Trauma-Informed elements with Manifestation elements, you really have a powerful combination. I personally went through the course and, not only learned new techniques that I apply with my clients, but also helped to resolve many underlying problem areas that I wasn’t aware of in myself. Thank you for your training. I encourage anybody to jump in and to let Mel’s teaching style remove any confusion and to do the hard work for you.


Absolutely loved the Trauma Informed Manifestation Course, it gave me so much clarity around my goals, in my case, my business. Knowing how to create a business (and a life) that is aligned to how I AM is so empowering. A life that is more in flow, aligned and shifting the resistance I've felt around aspects of my goal has been amazing. Can't wait to incorporate this and share it with the world! Thank you Melissa for sharing your knowledge, haven't seen anything like Course in the market!

The Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coach Certification:

Do you want to learn tools that have the ability to confidently help you manifest success, abundance, great relationships and health?

Do you want to become a coach, working for yourself for personal or professional use?

Do you want to be able to study from anywhere with flexible online learning?

Start your course now and gain an Internationally Recognised Qualification (IICT).


Where is it delivered?

This course is purely delivered online, with easy to follow practical videos, worksheets and scripts.

  • All you need is a computer, tablet or smart phone to access the training from your browser or from our dedicated course app.
  • Self-Paced - Get Certified in your own time with Lifetime Access to the course. Ask an unlimited number of questions directly to the trainer under each lesson for guidance and support.

Why this course?

  • The tools, processes and understandings of working on all dimensions of a being have been accumulated over the last 10 years of studying personal development, spirituality, manifestation and the human nervous system and trauma.
  • We have now manifested over $250k in revenue per month consistently through our business, working only a couple of hours a day. (After working 40 hours per week for someone else, making a maximum of $40k - $60k per year...for years!).
  • I manifested the best body and health that I have had since my early twenties. (After smoking since I was 14, eating junk food all the time, stress eating and becoming a mum).
  • I manifested an incredible, caring, attractive and safe partner. (After growing up in 2 domestic violence and abusive circumstances, multiple toxic relationships and abuse later in life).
  • So many other things to mention. Including travelling when and where we want, a beautiful son, an amazing community of healers all around the world taking our courses, our dream beachfront property, amazing friendships and more!




Module One : Course Overview
Learn the fundamentals. What is Manifestation? About your Trainer. Intention Setting. 

Module Two : Trauma-Informed
What is Trauma? What does it mean to be Trauma-Informed? Trauma and Manifesting. How to start healing trauma.

Module Three : Aspects
Understanding the Dimensions. Levels of Consciousness. Mental, Emotional, Physical and Soul aspects. Alignment and Flow.

Module Four : Creation
We are creators. Timelines: Past, Present & Future. Understanding the Quantum Field. Desires vs. Shadow Desires

Module Five : Tools
Future Self. Resistance/Alignment Numbers. Belief Planting. Basics of Vision Boarding.

Module Six : Implementing
Money, relationships, health, circumstances and business.

Module Seven : Integration/Embodiment
Masculine vs. Feminine Energy. Processing time. Universal Laws. Meditation.

Module Eight : The Method
Heart-centred Sales. Pre-Session Preparation. Session Demonstrations (x 4). Akashic Records Demonstration Reading. 

BONUS Inclusion


Learning how to read the Akashic records allows you to access much more information than is normally available.  It is a vast database of information about each beings past, present & future.

Being able to add this dimension to understand on a broader level, where blocks could be or where we need to make changes in our complex lives is deeply profound and life-changing.

Single Payment
Payment Plan
Investment $3333
Single Payment
Get it Now only $555
/6 x equal monthly payments
*all prices in AUD

  • 9 Comprehensive Modules (20+ hours)

  • Monthly Live Hot Seat Group Coaching

  • Unlimited Lifetime Access to Content & Support

  • Ask questions under each lesson

  • IICT Accredited Course and Trainer 

  • Worksheets and Coaching Templates

  • BONUS : Learn how to read the Akashic Records

Still Unsure?

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 What's on your mind?

  • I don't have the time!
  • You can study in your own time and once you enrol, you get lifetime access to all of the content, support and any new lessons that get added in future. You can listen while driving, cooking, or carve out an hour a week if you choose to watch.

  • I don't have the money to invest!
  • The best investment is one that you make to help improve yourself. Not only will this be an educational and healing journey for you, but you will come out on the other side with a set structure and way to confidently become a coach or add incredible tools to your toolbelt if you are already a healer, coach or therapist.

  • I don't have any experience!
  • No prior experience is required; as long as you have an empathic heart and a want to help people, you can start the training today. Once your assessment is successful for certification, you will be accredited by IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapists) and IAOTH (International Association of Therapists), should you choose to be for credibility and insurance. 

  • How do I gain certification?
  • At the end of each module is an easy to answer assessment. Once you have completed the course and assessments, email Melissa to check, review and give feedback. Once your answers and understanding are correct, we send you your certification via email.

  • What are the course start dates?
  • This course is completely self-paced, which means that you can purchase the course today and start right away or you can take advantage of the sale price now and start later on when it suits you.

    We do have monthly live group calls, which you can choose to attend and which you will also have lifetime access to the replays. These cover group coaching by the trainer, practice of the tools and knowledge, plus a separate call with our Marketing and Sales teacher Jacqui for the practical side of business. 


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