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The Bottom-Up Approach To Healing Trauma & Nervous System Dysregulation

The promise we give is that you will be given a simple, yet comprehensive model based on the latest neuroscience to understand the human experience, as well as an effective process to work with this on yourself and also with clients.

What you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to course material
  • Live monthly Q&A's with Ryan & Matt
  • Student Community Access

What People Are Saying:

This is the way forward for addiction and trauma therapy. I've been fortunate to have participated in a few courses conducted by Ryan and his colleague, Matt Nettleton. Their honest, vulnerable and no BS delivery of, what is, in my opinion the most effective and compassionate therapy for trauma and addiction, is outstanding. These two blokes are real. They've lived it. They're now giving new hope to those who have found 'traditional' modalities and methods to be unsuccessful. I have so much respect for the work that they do. Love and light :)


Thanks once again, you blow my mind with the way you connect the understanding of what you are teaching with those questions you pose and how it seems to unlock a previously misunderstood concept. I really get such big revelations out of what you teach, so appreciative to learn this stuff.


Wow, your modules were excellent. I found that from the very first one, I finally had permission to ‘let go’. The skill development throughout the other modules helped me so much. My new attitude made a big difference to our family dynamic. Thank you.


Life-changing is how I’d describe the courses I have done with The Centre for Healing. Ryan and Matt deliver the content in a easy to understand and relatable manner, letting you be the pilot of your healing, allowing deep rooted healing and the true you to shine through 😊


These guys are amazing. Always going the extra mile to encourage and support everyones healing journey. It really is life-changing. Thank you!