Secrets to Overcoming Instant Gratification and Finding Inner Peace

written by Therapist and Co-Founder of The Centre for Healing,

Melissa K. Hiemann

The common goal for most people is to strive for a constant state of happiness. But, what if this is actually unobtainable, and is the reason why we have more people suffer from depression and anxiety than ever before?

The Natural High takes you on a journey to discover how to overcome our compulsions and instant gratification to come to a place where we can be effortlessly at peace yet driven, without substances.

Learn how we have taken hundreds of people with mental health conditions and addictions from just coping to living a life of their dreams. Gain tools and understanding to actualise this in your own life and others whom you care about.

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Learn how to find inner peace, by letting go of the notion to be constantly happy, naturally, whilst gaining awareness to overcome compulsions or behaviors which are in the way.

I don't want this book to end! I love every page. It is so relatable and Melissa makes it so easy to understand. I want to immerse my self in all her knowledge. So bloody good 👌

Tennille deBoer


Tennille deBoer


If you are someone who compulsively worries about what others think of you, procrastinates and finds that you are overthinking a lot of the time then this book will give you clear steps, understanding and tools to help you overcome what has been holding you back.

Take yourself on a self-healing journey of actualisation, or if you already help others gain concepts to help them shift in new and lasting ways

About Melissa

Melissa Hiemann NLPP. CH.t TLTP RC.t ADV.DIP INTBUS is
the Director of The Centre for Healing, who she Co-founded with
her now partner Ryan Hassan in 2016.

After spending most of her young adult life battling un-diagnosed
anxiety from trauma through self medicating and partying, she finally sought help from an alternative therapist. She felt deeply that she had found her purpose and way to help others and proceeded to study and then open her own practice in 2014.

She has since made it her life's work, around raising her son and
travelling the world, to assist people to understand and be set free from their negative emotions and any self imposed limitations that are holding them back from feeling peaceful and living a full life on purpose.

She is the creator and registered trainer of Root-cause Therapy,
which she teaches to students all around the world through the online healing centre. This therapy has been an accumulation of many other modalities that she has tested and experienced, along with daily research and meditation for over half a decade in an effort to bring the most innovative ways to society to heal trauma in a complete and safe manner.

Herself, along with her life partner Ryan have a goal to change the
way that practitioners treat mental health and addictions, and are advocates and change makers in healing the root-cause, rather than just treating the symptoms through sharing their methods aim to heal the world, one person at a time.

For a Limited Time Save 50% on this NEW RELEASE!


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