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" My experience is the affiliation process was easy to set up, a simple copy of one’s own unique link and a prepared image made it easy for me and for potential customers alike. If there have been any queries, the customer service from The Centre for Healing has always been prompt and excellent. "

-Heidi Cassal from Trauma 2 Compassion

" I love being a part of the affiliate program for The Centre for Healing. It's such a nice surprise every time I get a notification that I'm going to receive a commission, it's too easy. The thing that makes it even better for me is that I really do endorse TCFH, the courses and the people are amazing so it feels good to think I might help someone else gain the benefit of doing a course with them. It's a win for the people who sign up, a win for me and a win for TCFH, a win-win-win doesn't get much better than that! "

-Dani O'Connor from Flow with Danii

" After completing the Root Cause Therapy course I decided to sign up as an affiliate as I believe this therapy is truly life-changing and I wanted to share it. I would have shared it anyway but earning an affiliate commission for sharing something I am passionate about has been a great way for me to make passive income. "

-Michelle McGowan RCT Practitioner & Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coach

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