Trauma Informed Coaching Disclaimer - Please read carefully.

By signing this form I am agreeing to the following terms and giving my consent and agreeing that I understand the following points clearly:


The TIC course does not equip students with the skills to work directly with trauma, nor does it certify someone as a trauma therapist. The TIC certification is intended to assist coaches, healers, and practitioners to view things through a trauma informed lens and is an information based course only and does not offer the skills for treatment. 

The information within this training is based on years of lived experience, client sessions, alternative therapy training and independent research and is considered to be outside of mainstream medical treatment. 

You agree that you understand that the trainers are not medical professionals and that TIC is not for the diagnosis, treatment, prevention or cure of any condition or disease.

Taking this training and receiving certification does not make you a medical professional, the certification is as a trauma informed coach which in Victoria comes under a general health practitioner. 

You agree that you will not advertise, give advice, or work with clients who are outside of the scope of practice unless you are also a medical professional. You also agree you will not diagnose, or attempt to assist someone in trauma resolution without further education.

If you are joining this training for your own healing then you agree and understand that your journey is your responsibility, and you understand that we simply offer perspectives that we have found to be effective for our clients and for ourselves personally, we do not prescribe anything that guarantees any kind of outcome for every person. 

Any decision made from the interpretation of content is a student's responsibility. Based on the information in this training if one is considering making a life altering decision, for example leaving one's partner or family, changing or coming off medication, trying psychedelic medicines or any other decision where there may be consequences the trainers take no responsibility for these decisions and we encourage every student to seek alternative opinions and support when making them.

Any discussion on medication is not to be taken literally and any decision around your own personal medication needs to be made with your GP, psychiatrist or prescribing professional. 

The information and techniques in this training are based on the evolving field of somatic therapy and neuroscience, as of 2022 these techniques and theories are up to date and inclusive of the findings of many of the major professionals within this field. 

If whilst going through the content you find any information has become outdated, please let us know and we will update the content. 

The language and content within this training is in accordance with Australian Laws. It is up to each student to research the laws within their own country or state as to which language they are able to use whilst advertising themselves as a trauma informed coach. For example, in the USA it is prohibited for practitioners to use terms “healing trauma” or to talk about “trauma” unless they are a licensed professional (eg. Psychologist or Doctor). In this case, you can speak to us about alternative ways to promote your work. 

If you are suffering from suicidal ideation, BPD (borderline personality disorder), DID (dissociative identity disorder), or other forms of mental illness TIC states that this training is not treating these kinds of diagnosis and that they should be treated by a medical professional, in these cases we still hope and have at times seen the information and techniques be helpful for those who are suffering with these diagnosis.  

It is the responsibility of students and practitioners to become aware of and familiar with the governing bodies, codes of conduct and laws for their own specific state, territory or country whilst advertising and engaging with clients.

By agreeing below you are agreeing that you understand all of the above, and that signing up to TIC is your own decision and you are agreeing that you are aware of the potential benefits vs risks and the scope of the course.

Trauma-Informed Certificate for Coaches

The purpose of this course is to bring about a deeper understanding of trauma and how it shapes all areas of our lives.

Trauma has to be one of the most misunderstood forms of human suffering and underlies many mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and addiction.

What you'll get:

 How to see the underlying causes of your client's symptoms

 The effect trauma has on someone's core beliefs, worldview & life

 Cultivating a resource of safety to grow your client's capacity to heal

Bringing a Trauma-Informed lens to your current practice.