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Trauma-Informed Certificate
for Coaches


Bringing a Trauma-Informed lens to your current practice


Welcome to the Trauma-Informed Certificate
for Coaches

brought to you by The Centre for Healing.

Many human beings and even therapists still consider trauma to be a taboo subject. Most people still believe trauma to be something only suffered by those who have experienced war, sexual abuse and other catastrophic events.

Trauma has to be one of the most misunderstood forms of human suffering and underlies many mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and addiction.

For a long time coaches, therapists, psychologists and other mental health practitioners have been attempting to resolve trauma using the cognitive mind, but recent studies have shown that the effects of trauma are stored within the body. Meaning trauma is not only a psychological issue, it is an issue that affects the whole system.

Trauma is not a disorder, it is an adaptation.

Our nervous system adapts to feeling unsafe, it adapts to traumatic circumstances until we are left with a baseline and undercurrent of impending doom and a deficient sense of self.

We have to redefine trauma, and we have to deepen our understanding of it if we are going to work with it in an effective way. It is the driver behind so much of our dysfunction as human beings, yet we are unaware of how deeply it runs within us as a collective.

The purpose of this training is to bring about a deeper understanding of trauma and how it shapes all areas of our lives. Once we understand something and approach it with the correct perspective we can begin to make positive changes and heal something that is causing so much damage to our individual psyche, our collective psyche, our society as a whole and also our planet.

Whether you’re a coach or therapist already, work in mental health or healthcare in general, an organisation wanting your staff to be Trauma Informed, or on a personal journey of learning about this important topic, this is the training for you!

What You Will Gain...

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Root Cause

How to see the underlying causes of your client's symptoms

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The affect trauma has on someone's core beliefs, worldview & life

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Cultivating a resource of safety to grow your client's capacity to heal

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"I honestly can’t thank you both enough for this amazing trauma training. As a counsellor and clinical supervisor you have assisted me gain a deeper insight into the world of trauma where I feel better placed to work with clients and supervisee’s in this space. I especially enjoyed Module 6 where you explored the area of neuroscience in such a relatable and understandable way. You both have a natural way in which you connect to your audience. I have really enjoyed my time with you both and looking forward to deepening my professional training moving forward when I have some time."

Tania Price

Course Curriculum

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  • How to Engage with this Course
  • What is Trauma?
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  • Acute Trauma
  • Developmental trauma 
  • Preconscious/Precognitive Trauma
  • Intergenerational Trauma
  • Collective Trauma
  • The Importance of Safety
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  • The Neuroscience of Trauma
  • Trauma & Memory
  • Identity & Trauma
  • Trauma & Relationships
  • Trauma & Our Worldview
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  • Bottom Up Approach vs Top Down Approach
  • The Felt Sense
  • Disembodiment vs Embodiment
  • The Importance of Nervous System Regulation
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  • Holding Space
  • Attunement
  • Traps Coaches Can Fall Into
  • Growing in Capacity - Resourcing
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  • Developing Emotional Awareness
  • Shame vs Guilt
  • Rage & Anger
  • Fear & Terror
  • Emotions, States & Traits
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  • Conscious & Subconscious Mind 
  • Unconscious Core Beliefs From Trauma 
  • Self Sabotage 
  • Addiction 
  • Trauma & Spirituality

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What Others Are Saying...

"Another amazing module guys. I have attended so many other trauma training courses over the years and this is the best by far. So informative, relatable and gets to the heart of trauma and how as clinicians should be working with our client group. Now I am working in private practice as a counsellor and supervising other counsellors I feel appreciative of the opportunity to spend time with you both and deepen my professional insight and understanding. I love working in this space. Thank you so much"



"I've been fortunate to have participated in a few short courses conducted by Ryan and his colleague, Matt Nettleton. Their honest, vulnerable and no BS delivery of, what is, in my opinion the most effective and compassionate therapy for trauma and addiction, is outstanding. These two blokes are real. They've lived it. They're now giving new hope to those who have found 'traditional' modalities and methods to be unsuccessful. I have so much respect for the work that they do."






  • Lifetime Access to Course Material
  • Trauma Informed Coaching Certificate upon Completion¬†
  • Audio Downloads for all Lectures
  • Access on Laptop, Mobile or Tablet
  • 20 CPD Points

What Other Students have to say...

"WOW! The training was thorough, understandable, and delivered in a relatable way. Ryan & Matt have taken their personal experience as well as their learnings from other leaders and schools in the field of trauma and healing, and created a valuable tool I truly believe everyone would benefit from."

Naomi Battah

"I have learned and understood more about trauma, especially dissociation of mind and body, subconscious carrying of past trauma. The physical nature that trauma inflicts upon me. This course is great the tutors are very good" 




"Wow! Love your presentation, I feel I’ve got my money’s worth already, you are both real and have experience, and you work so well together. I’m excited to keep going." 





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