We have to redefine trauma, and we have to deepen our understanding of it if we are going to truly heal it. It is the driver behind so much of our dysfunction as human beings, yet we are unaware of how deeply it runs within us individually and collectively.

The purpose of this course is to bring about a deeper understanding of trauma and how it shapes all areas of our lives.

Once we understand something and approach it with the correct perspective we can begin to make positive changes and heal something that is causing so much damage to our individual and collective psyche.


What we will cover... 

Module 1: Redefining Trauma

- What Qualifies as Trauma?
- Trauma as a Fact of Life
- Trauma does not have to be a Catastrophic Event

Module 2: Understanding Trauma

- Trauma and The Body
- Energetic Imprints
- A Disembodied Society

Module 3: The Effect Trauma Has on Society

- Trauma as a Driver of Dysfunctional Behaviour
- Trauma Based Belief Systems, Worldview & Identity
- Trauma as the Root Cause of Many Mental Health Issues


Your mini course was so insightful. I look forward to doing more work around this. Thank you!

Ranmali de Mel  

A bit about us

Ryan Hassan

Founder of The Centre for Healing

Matt Nettleton

Trauma Therapist

Join Trauma Experts Ryan & Matt as they explore the most misunderstood subject in healthcare today.
With Trauma underpinning so many of our individual and collective issues like stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. We need to understand this topic now more than ever.

This short mini course aims to redefine and help understand Trauma as part of our human condition. Ryan & Matt have conducted 1000's of sessions guiding people through this terrain and now wish to spread the knowledge and understanding.