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Understanding Trauma - Free Mini Course Offer

The purpose of this course is to bring about a deeper understanding of trauma and how it shapes all areas of our lives. 

We have to redefine trauma, and we have to deepen our understanding of it if we are going to truly heal it. It is the driver behind so much of our dysfunction as human beings, yet we are unaware of how deeply it runs within us individually and collectively.

What we'll cover:

  • Module 1: Redefining Trauma

    - What Qualifies as Trauma?
    - Trauma as a Fact of Life
    - Trauma does not have to be a Catastrophic Event

  • Module 2: Understanding Trauma

    - Trauma and The Body
    - Energetic Imprints
    - A Disembodied Society

  • Module 3: The Effect Trauma Has on Society

    - Trauma as a Driver of Dysfunctional Behaviour
    - Trauma Based Belief Systems, Worldview & Identity
    - Trauma as the Root Cause of Many Mental Health Issues

This short mini course aims to redefine and help understand Trauma as part of our human condition

What People Are Saying:

Very grateful for this amazing free education. I have been watching the trauma education video series and have found them to be a remarkable resource. Thank you so much for this free mini course. I found it to be very informative and delivered in a approachable nature for one to receive. I strongly identify and resonate with the discussion and content in this course. I look forward to enrolling in the ultimate healing business bundle, join this community, and to offer my service and help guide others heal through these modalities once I am a certified practitioner. Amazing work. Thank you so much for creating and sharing this space to allow this opportunity and ripple effect to take place in expansion. Truly honorable.

Nicole Wendy Clarke