Free Introductory Training to the Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coach Certification

Learn how to understand Manifestation for yourself and clients through a Trauma-Informed Lens!

In this 1 hour class we will cover;
How trauma affects manifestation
Why we can hold back on making big goals
How we sabotage when working towards receiving money, healthy relationships and health
The different aspects that we need to consider for manifesting what we desire
Why and how we can't hold onto good things in our lives

Learning manifestation through a Trauma-Informed lens - can have eye-opening moments and realise that our ancient bodies are just trying to keep us safe in our modern world with these modern stresses.

Manifestation & The Nervous System Free Class

All are welcome.

Whether you are someone who wants to create a coaching & healing business, or you are some sort of practitioner or coach who helps others clear their blocks to achieve their desires.

Plus a very special offer at the end for those who enrol into the training.

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