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10 Causes of Suffering

Oct 16, 2023
Why You Suffer

There are 2 forms of suffering in this existence of being human; Necessary & Un-necessary

We find the vast majority of people are stuck in unnecessary suffering.
So let's talk about it...

Presented by the creators of Embodied Processing, Ryan Hassan & Matt Kay.

Join us to discuss:

 - What is Suffering
 - Suffering and Trauma
 - Dissatisfaction/Deficiency
 - Craving and Aversion
 - Stored Suffering
 - NS states
 - Inner conflicts
 - Relationship to Suffering
 - Suffering vs Pain
 - Veils/Beliefs
 - Inner Unification and Resolution

Whether you’re working with clients now or are on a personal journey of healing (or both), this class is sure to add value to your life.

When we understand the body, the nervous system & its adaptations we can remove shame and create true transformation in our lives.

We look forward to seeing you in the class.

More info on the Somatic Therapy EP here: