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A Harsh Truth - Thoughts on the Climate Crisis.

climate change climate crisis Jul 22, 2021
Climate Crisis
A Harsh Truth - Thoughts on the Climate Crisis.
Whilst most are glued to the news, stuck in a survival state due to the lockdowns and the fear-mongering of the media, wondering when our way of life is going to get back to normal when we are going to get back to work, how Covid-19 will affect our daily life and wondering when they can return to life as they knew it. There looms a much more dangerous and destructive threat. One that for most remains invisible and outside of personal concern.
This threat has a cause and the cause is our "normal" way of life and our normal state of consciousness.
The personal state of consciousness can by definition only be concerned with itself. It can only be concerned with what affects it personally. The mind seeks personal security, and security has been found in our normal routines, in our jobs, in our house, in our bank accounts and in our everyday life. This lifestyle that most of us live out on a kind of unconscious autopilot has left our climate and planet in a state of turmoil and on the brink of disaster. This information is out there, but for most, the ability to comprehend the level of this threat is just not available, in other words, it is not registering how fucked we are. It is almost as if it is too inconvenient to admit.
Let me explain why I feel this is so.
The system in which we have built is one that is based on survival, it is self-perpetuating and cannot be changed from within itself. This is why we see those who enter politics get swallowed by the corruption like a flower in a garden of weeds. The state of consciousness and the sense of personal self that most human beings live in is simply a byproduct of this system, a web of conditioning. The you that you think you are is simply a product created by a set of societal structures that live themselves out as automatic survival responses to the environment. Anything that threatens that way of life is unconsciously perceived as a threat to survival, which is why the change that is needed to save the earth for the sake of my children and for your children is not of primary concern, even though we may tell ourselves it is our actions speak differently.
There is a cognitive dissonance when we say we love our children, but yet continue to take their future from them. The primary and only concern for this personal self is its way of life and its conditioning because the continuation of that is how it believes it survives, so any true change is believed to be threatening. Even if that change is essential for survival it would rather continue its way of life than implement those changes, it has things backward so to speak.
Addiction plays out within individuals and on a collective scale. We are addicted to the false security of our way of life.
Anyone suffering from addiction continues to play out the destructive behaviours no matter how much those around them tell them that what they are doing is destroying their lives and the lives of those around them. Usually what happens is within the individual is a certain stress point is reached, the energy of the behavioural pattern becomes so contracted and so dense that it has no choice but to expand and evolve. This is when true change occurs and it cannot happen any other way. Addiction is playing out on a collective level, we are addicted to our current lifestyle and our current lifestyle is destroying us, this then becomes a self-perpetuating loop that cannot overcome itself from within itself.
The future of our children depends on us changing and we would think that would be enough. But no matter how much we tell ourselves it is, it is not. Just like the pull of heroin to a heroin addict can drag a woman away from her motherly duties of nurturing and attending to her child the pull of the security we get from our way of living is far more powerful than our ability to make a sane, conscious decision. The level of change we need to make is so drastic and so far from how we currently do things that it is perceived as threatening to our security and survival, but in fact, the opposite is true. Change is essential for survival. It becomes easier to bury our heads in the sand and not care because it is too inconvenient to admit to ourselves we are fucked. We would prefer to keep living how we do, whilst on some level of our being knowing fully with each passing day our children’s future is disappearing with every action we make today.
We will soon hit a stress point, we will end up on the brink of disaster and perhaps step over that edge. Catastrophe will have to happen before this really registers for the majority of us. The level of stress and pain that this causes will erode away the survival structures that are embedded into our physiology that drive our behaviours. We will hit a point where our consciousness becomes so contracted that we have no choice but to expand and evolve or perish into nothing. The future of human beings is truly at a tipping point and that is the fact most are not able to comprehend, they cannot imagine anything outside of their everyday life which is why currently we cannot implement change and why disaster will have to occur before we do.
That point is closing in. Evolve, or perish.
The current state of consciousness cannot sustain itself.
Allow that to land...
Matt Kay

Co-Creator and Trainer of Embodied Processing