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Keys to a Successful Healing Business.

business healing practice Jun 04, 2020
Starting your practice

I was having a chat on the support call with one of our students yesterday and she mentioned that she still feels blocked to put herself out there.

All of us can feel like this to some degree, there is a level of vulnerability that can bring fear when you put yourself out there, especially in the early days of setting up and promoting your healing business. 

I’m not saying I know everything when it comes to business but here are a few core things that Ryan and I consistently do which has helped;

- Remembering that it’s not about us, it’s more about our purpose, or goals and serving humanity (this is your why) which can get your scared ego out of the way. Sometimes I meditate and just ask my soul how I can be of service and what to do next.

- Consistency is key 🔑. In the support call I mentioned that Ryan and I try not to overwhelm ourselves with trying to get the absolutely perfect product or package for our customers. We just do the very best that we can in the best way we know how for now and keep adjusting as we go along. We might change up, improve and try different things BUT we have kept consistent in terms of the core of what we deliver, which avoids your followers becoming confused about what you offer. 

- There are no failures, only learnings. Sure we have ‘failed’ in some ways. We tried to grow too quickly, invested a lot of money in things that didn’t turn out, probably under charged and over delivered which affected our personal lives negatively, but we do what we can to learn from it and move forward. Give something enough time to give feedback, but if it’s dragging out for a long time you need to be aware and adjust to change the results (it’s never the markets fault, take responsibility) 

- Your outcomes accumulate from your decisions, and a lot of decisions are created from our beliefs, so we must look at our belief systems and make sure that we eliminate sabotages.
Check in with your subconscious for the following;
- I feel guilty when people compensate me for my time.
- Rich people are evil.
- It is safe for me to speak my truth.
- I fear paying tax.
- Healers shouldn’t charge.
- Business people are unethical.
- I fear judgement.
- I can make $5k, $10k, $50k+ per month.
- I fear failure.
Plus also check for PTSD when it comes to high stress or negative past experiences with money. 

Another thing.
We work on ourselves relentlessly, especially at the start - where it got to the point where Ryan asked if we could stop any healing for a week or two so we could have some time not having a healing hangover! I just knew it was so important. I am not saying that you need too but if you are assisting others you want to make sure you’re at least 1 or 2 steps ahead. It doesn’t mean you have to do one particular method or way, try different ways so in turn you gain more knowledge to assist others. Journalling, meditation, nature, general self care can create some space for thinking and creativity. 

Talking about thinking.

Some people create a whole business in their mind but never actually bring it into reality. If the goal is too big, or the idea too complex, it may get overwhelming and seem too high a mountain to climb. For me, having a notebook and brain dumping it - then taking action everyday works well and allows  me to be more present in my life. 

Baby steps will accumulate. It will never be perfect but just start. The more you get noticed you may have one person put you down - but don’t let that stop you - people are always projecting so learn what you can from it and go back to your why and get your ego out of the way and serve the world! 


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