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What is Conscious Connecting?

Jun 06, 2024

Conscious Connecting is where Meditation meets Self-discovery.
It is understanding yourself and your unique inner world from the inside out.

Conscious Connecting allows you to meet life’s ups and downs with increasing stability and presence and with less overwhelm.

While books and podcasts, self development courses and positive thinking can be helpful, they often have us on a continual path of searching for more, seeking that elusive missing piece that will make us feel fulfilled, truly happy and successful.

Conscious Connecting is creating space so you can live true to self.

Want to know more??
Watch the above video where Helga Eichmann (creator of Conscious Connecting) & Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at TCFH) discuss this unique and powerful process.

If you'd like to experience it for yourself you can book a session with Helga here: