Understanding Addiction - Free Mini-Course

Addiction has long been misunderstood, more to the point it has been shamed and seen as a moral failing.

The “Just Say No” approach and the war on drugs has proven to be ineffective and in some ways, perpetuated the problem. We still have millions of individuals suffering from all kinds of addictions as the problem itself seems to be getting worse.

Some who are actively suffering from addiction are experiencing levels of shame that can be so intolerable that the fact they have an issue remains hidden, whilst externally their life looks fine but internally they are suffering immensely, and that shame also is a perpetuating driver of the addiction itself.

This kind of problem comes from the stigma and the misunderstandings around the issue we have as a collective.

Matt and Ryan created this free short course for those who are actively suffering from addiction and feel at a loss as to what to do, for those who may feel fear reaching out or admitting to themselves that they may have lost control.

You may find some hope in these 3 modules which explore the nature of addiction itself.

Matt and Ryan do not take a one size fits all approach. We simply want to help YOU to better understand what you are experiencing, to explore your options, and perhaps let go of some shame in the process.


What we will cover... 

Module 1:  Do I Have A Problem?

💭 Do I have an addiction?
💭 Why do I use?
💭 Why can’t I stop?


Module 2: Underlying Drivers

💭 The things we become addicted to
💭 Trauma & Addiction
💭 The Guilt & Shame Cycle

Module 3: What Are My Options?

💭 Am I ready?
💭 Environment
💭 Short & Long Term Plans


"Your mini-course was so insightful. I look forward to doing more work around this. Thank you!"

Ranmali de Mel  

A bit about us

Ryan Hassan

Founder of The Centre for Healing

Matt Nettleton

Trauma Therapist

Join Trauma Experts Ryan & Matt as they explore the most misunderstood subject in healthcare today.
With Trauma underpinning so many of our individual and collective issues like stress, depression, anxiety, addiction, etc. We need to understand this topic now more than ever.

This short mini course aims to redefine and help understand Trauma as part of our human condition. Ryan & Matt have conducted 1000's of sessions guiding people through this terrain and now wish to spread the knowledge and understanding.