Your clients current experience is a reflection of what they feel worthy of. But not only that...What they feel safe with and holding in their nervous system. 

Because of trauma or past negative experiences, they can feel stuck.

Because of trauma, they can have amazing dreams yet unintentionally repel them from their experience.

Or, they might find themselves manifesting and then losing what they have manifested, over and over again.

The thing is...we all truly deserve what we want and how we want our life to feel! 

We can create whatever we desire. We truly are the creators of our lives.

The key is to shift into the energy of what we want and to release our blocks around our desires. These could be conditioning, ancestral or painful events from our life.

Whether that be our dream relationship.

Dream income or business. 

Dream home or ideal health. 

Dream circumstances in general ... 


Hey, I'm your manifestation coaching certification teacher Melissa.

For years I've studied manifesting (over 10 now). But not just studied, I've embodied the processes.

And now having manifested my dream home, relationship, business and more money than I could imagine... I want to share this with you. 


I’ll take you week by week into the energy uplevels, tools that work for different people, how to read the Akashic records and also how to teach yourself and clients how to do this work.


You might be someone who has done all the healing. 

You might be someone who has studied all the manifesting.

But it’s time to bring these worlds together in this groundbreaking, next-level online course.

It's time for you to take a Quantum Leap! (in safe and trauma-informed way).

Can’t wait to see you in there...


Become Certified as a Qualified Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coach

You have done so much inner work. You've found every abundance, money, relationship and body limiting belief possible and cleared it. But, you still aren't seeing massive changes in terms of your deep heartfelt desires coming into your reality.
So.. you're stuck.
It's frustrating and super annoying because although you've done all the healing work that is out there, you feel like you're lacking some serious insight and information that you need to get to that next level,
like something is missing. You've pulled out the weeds and now you want to plant the seeds but... Where to even start?
Or worse, you've spent plenty of $$$ already on coaches and tools, only to continually hit a glass ceiling. So basically - it feels futile to keep trying.
Instagram and YouTube are a great source for inspiration, information and showing off their cool tips but.. nobody shares the complete process of HOW THEY DO WHAT THEY DO!
The best you get is basically just a few time lapses and if you're lucky, someone responds to your question in the comment section. 
But that's not enough. And you know that. 

yOU  want to seE the full process, not just bits and pieces

How amazing would it be to get uncensored access to the mind of someone who has been there and has actually seen results in their life on a physical level from manifesting?

Who has also seen clients in thousands of trauma-healing sessions and owned a mental health and addiction clinic.

I truly believe and have seen that...

Becoming a Manifestation Coach is one of the most enjoyable and fun jobs that you could ever have!




Imagine talking about manifestation, the law of attraction and vision boards all day long.

Imagine doing what you love, day in and day out.

Imagine finding and attracting the most magical clients.

Imagine seeing next-level results in your clients, day in day out.

Imagine getting rewarded handsomely doing what you love and giving clients epic results in themselves, how they feel and their lives.

Our nervous system’s sole purpose is to keep us alive and it will do anything to keep us safe

When we understand all of the dimensions at play, including our physical body and nervous system. How to tap into our intuition and the Akashic records... then the positive outcomes are endless.

That’s why I created the Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching Certification!

Why? Because I have seen the most incredible results in my own life and my clients, through using the tools that I am going to share with you in this training.

Now after addressing my own trauma and helping others do the same we are not only able to enjoy lives where we get to live in harmony with our True Selves, which are abundant, creative beings that manifest peace on the inside as well as the outside. But we are able to sustain our success. Life feels in a continuous flow with who we are…. naturally. There’s a sense of ease, grace and peace behind the Purposeful lives we love living and we get to watch our clients do the same.

And you can too. This is your sign.

"I literally tripled our business income from $20k-$30k per month for 4.5 years, and after using one of the tools to shift my energy (which I am going to teach you) we jumped up to $100k sales within weeks & without working more!" 

WHAT IF.. you could get uncensored access to a conscious and trauma informed teacher and the techniques of creating an amazing life for you and your clients?

>> Imagine having full access to tools that help you get what you want on the physical level

>> Being able to see how your trauma can affect you and manifesting an amazing life anyway

>> Knowing what tools and processes to use which work uniquely for you on a soul level

So you can then use these new found techniques and concepts and mesh them with your life circumances.

👉 Imagine feeling inspired
👉 Imagine finally expressing yourself authentically
👉 Imagine embracing the flow instead of fighting it
👉 Imagine being able to manifest what you see in your mind
👉 Imagine being immersed in and enjoying the process (without working harder)!

Are you ready to become certified?

About the creator (and your teacher)..



My name is Melissa and I’ve been a healer for over 7 years now. Nowadays, I am teaching others how to create their dream lives through business training, certification training in Root-Cause Therapy and one-on-one transformative sessions.

My soul's mission on this earth is to help as many people as possible, to do what they love, so they can live a life fulfilled and abundant. I am 'woo-woo' and spiritual but I do also like to work on a practical level.

But it hasn't always been like that. I've grown up with a lot of trauma and coping mechanisms. I sabotaged the hell out of my life...
So, if you are someone that has been on the healing journey and are ready to manifest your soul's desires on a physical level, then I cannot wait to be your guide on this journey of manifesting what you want into your physical reality (starting now)!
Beware, you may get blown away. 😉

"You will have access to absolutely everything you need to manifest your dream income, body, career, relationship, and life for you and your coaching clients!"


The Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching Certification is a self-paced online manifesting course in which you'll learn Melissa's most treasured abundance secrets - the exact techniques & tools she's using and the way she thinks while creating amazing results in her life and her clients. You can easily apply the knowledge to your own manifesting process and your client's coaching sessions.

You will get step-by-step knowledge, trauma-informed marketing and sales processes and exactly how to run successful and confident coaching sessions.

"You can do all the healing work, but if you don't apply the principles of coaching then you will just have relief and not a whole new set of circumstances that you have been desiring" - Melissa


We know life can get busy...
You sign up today, you can start and finish the course around your current schedule, from any timezone in the world!
You can access it from ANY DEVICE such as your mobile, Ipad or computer.
The best thing about this manifestation training is that it comes with a lifetime access. Yes, you pay only once and you get to keep the included courses FOR LIFE. You can come back to it anytime you want and need, watch it again and make it work at your own pace.
This price is so low because we want to reach and help out as many creative souls as possible. But this price won't be available forever. If you have even the slightest twinge of trying it out, jump in NOW. Payment plans are available.


Here's What You're Getting When

You Sign Up To The 

  • The curriculum of Self Paced Video Lessons

    Module One - Introduction

    - Course Overview
    - What is Manifesting?
    - My journey
    - What to expect in the training

    Module Two - Trauma-Informed
    - What is Trauma?
    - What is it to be Trauma-Informed?
    - How being trauma-informed relates to Manifesting
    - How to start healing trauma

    Module Three - Aspects
    - What are the aspects involved with manifesting?
    - Dimensions
    - Levels of Consciousness
    - Alignment and Flow

    Module Four - Creation
    - We are the creators
    - Timelines; Past/Present/future
    - Quantum
    - Desires vs Shadow Desires

    Module Five - Tools
    - Future Self
    - Resistance Numbers
    - Belief Planting
    - Vision Boarding 

    Module Six - Implementing
    - Money
    - Relationships
    - Health
    - Circumstances
    - Business

    Module Seven - Integration/Embodiment
    - Masculine vs Feminine Energy
    - Processing time

    - Universal Laws
    - Meditation

    Module Eight - Reading the Akashic Records
    - What the Akashic Records are
    - Reader Activation

    - How to do the Reading
    - Assessment

    Module Nine - The Method
    - Introduction
    - Pre-Session

    Demonstration Session One
    - Demonstration Session Two
    Demonstration Session Three
    - Akashic Records Reading Demonstration
    - Demonstration Session Four

UPFRONT: $2222

PAYMENT PLAN: $222 X 12 


>>>12 Month Payment Plan Available<<<

If you click the button and see the price is back to its

original value, it means you missed the special offer.



The big question - Why?


Hi to all who have read so far 👋. I thought I might pop in here and quickly introduce myself!

I discovered the Secret 7 years ago, and became completely obsessed with applying law of attraction and creating my dream life. 

I went from...
a broke 9-5er who hated her job, in toxic relationships with crippling addictionsanxiety ridden, alone with zero self worth, and would spend every weekend partying and wasting my life away.

To a...
Multiple 6-Figure Entrepreneur doing exactly what I love, healed completely from my addictions and bad habits and living in my dream body (no dieting required), and currently living in my waterfront dream home with my soulmate partner who I intentionally manifested, met, and now we have a beautiful son.

Manifestation Works.

My processes WORK quickly & effectively for you and your clients.
My Vision Boards have all come true. I know how to get results through shifting your mindset and energy, and I believe it is my purpose in life to teach as many people as possible that they can consciously create their dream life. 

UPFRONT: $2222



>>>12 Month Payment Plan Available<<<

If you click the button and see the price is back to its

original value, it means you missed the special offer.



Other most common questions:

Q: When will I get access?

Immediately after, you receive an email with access to the training. Please check your spam folder as sometimes the email can end up there.

Q: Is there an online community for this course?

Yes. After you sign up for the course, submit a request to join "The Centre for Healing - Trauma Informed" Facebook community.

Q: Is it a one-time payment, or a subscription?

The big benefit of the class is that it's one time only payment (unless you go on a payment plan), not a subscription. Meaning you pay only once and get to keep the content for life. 


Q: Do I need anything to prepare for the course?

You just need your access to the course, either via your phone, tablet or mobile. I will have times where I suggest using software like Canva, but this is free.

Q: What if I don't enjoy the material?

To ensure and protect the integrity of our teachers and students, we do not offer refunds.
Please read and check our refund policies here.

Q: For how long do I have access?

The course comes with lifetime access. You will have unlimited access to this course which has 20 hours of content. Keep coming back year after year to manifest new levels of abundance in your life!


Q: What level is this course suitable for?

This course is for anyone who is interested in manifestation and trauma healing. You could be someone who is just interested for your own life, or maybe you want an additional set of tools to assist your clients or loved ones. You can gain IICT Recognised Accreditation and Insurance if you are already qualified in Embodied Processing, Root-Cause Therapy, Counselling or EFT. Otherwise, you can still practice with the certificate that we give you upon completion of the assessments in the training.

Q: Why should I sign up now?

This price for the course is very low at the moment as we want to reach and help out as many beings as possible during these times. But this price won't be available forever. If you have even the slightest twinge of trying it out, it's best to jump in NOW. 

UPFRONT: $2222

PAYMENT PLAN: $222 X 12 


If you click the button and see the price is back to its

original value, it means you missed the special offer.