What you need to know to be FREE for the long-term

Addiction has long been misunderstood, more to the point it has been shamed and seen as a moral failing.
The “Just Say No” approach and the war on drugs has proven to be ineffective and in some ways, perpetuating the problem.

We still have millions of individuals suffering from all kinds of addictions as the problem itself seems to be getting worse.


It's time to take the reigns of YOUR LIFE!

This course will give you the tools & understanding to do so.

Some who are actively suffering from addiction are experiencing levels of shame that can be so intolerable that the fact they have an issue remains hidden, whilst externally their life looks fine but internally they are suffering immensely, and that shame also is a perpetuating driver of the addiction itself.
This kind of problem comes from the stigma and the misunderstandings around the issue we have as a collective.

Matt and Ryan created this course for those who are actively suffering from addiction and feel at a loss as to what to do, for those who may feel fear reaching out or admitting to themselves that they may have lost control.

You may find some hope in these 6 modules which explore all the options, starting from the very beginning.

What you will gain...

Learn what Addiction REALLY is
Understand Your Underlying Drivers
Create a Personalised Roadmap to Freedom

What we will cover... 

Module 1 - A New Understanding Of Addiction

  • Do I have an Addiction?
  • Correcting Our Perspective on Our Addiction
  • Why Do I Use?
  • Why Can’t I Stop?
  • Models of Addiction
  • The Nervous System and Addiction 

Module 2 - Drivers of Addiction

  • Understanding What is Driving Addiction
  • Trauma and Addiction
  • Letting Go Of Shame
  • What Environment Have I Created For Myself?

Module 3 - What Are My Options?

  • Forms Of Treatment & Treatment Groups
  • Willingness to Engage
  • Am I Ready?
  • Do I Need Rehab?
  • Who Can Help (not fix) Me?
  • Do I Need Abstinence?

Module 4 - Relapse

  • The Difference Between Lapse & Relapse
  • Why Do I Relapse?
  • What To Do During a Lapse
  • Dealing with the Aftermath
  • Is Addiction a Condition of Relapse?

Module 5 - Switching Addictions & Family Dynamics

  • What Happens If We Don’t Deal With The Underlying Pain
  • The Addiction Pyramid
  • Understanding What Family & Friends Are Going Through
  • Not Getting Caught Up In Guilt & Shame
  • The ‘Lag Effect’ of Trust

Module 6 - The Journey of Healing

  • Detoxing
  • Rehab
  • Transitional Housing
  • Stories of Hope
  • The Importance of Community
  • The Importance of Trauma Work
  • Finding A Stable & Healthy Environment For Healing
  • Letting Go of Old Friends
  • Purpose
  • Trauma Work Options

This is a non biased course created for those who are suffering from substance abuse and other addictions. 

This course is not for or against any form of addiction treatment but is only an exploration of the options we have in our modern time and also an investigation of the nature of addiction itself.

Matt and Ryan do not take a "one size fits all approach". We simply want to help YOU to better understand what you are experiencing, to explore your options and perhaps let go of some shame in the process.

Understanding Addiction - Online Course

For a limited time you can get lifetime access to the full course for
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Wow love your presentation, I feel I’ve got my money’s worth already, you are both real and have experience, and you work so well together , I’m excited to keep going


In the past few days I managed to contact my foster son and talk to him about what I’ve learned so far with this course. He came straight over and we talked for hours. He described the emptiness and boredom that he lives with, not knowing who he is or where he wants to go. How using ANYTHING lets him escape from that. For the first time ever he is considering in-patient therapy for his childhood trauma and BPD


I am so grateful I have found this course. My daughter has been an addict for 22 years. I made all the mistakes, followed all the wrong advice only to come to the conclusions you are both talking about. I have believed for many years that trauma was the cause of addiction and have felt so alone with my views. To have you two say what I have believed, in mostly silence, for so long has only fuelled my passion to help educate people on what addiction is really about. I am also a recovering alcoholic, 9 and a half years sober, so I have first-hand experience as well. Thank you


Loved this course so much. Has been the best bit of information I have had for years of trying to problem solve such a complex painful journey.


Life changing for me...Thank you

A bit about us 

Ryan Hassan

Co-Founder of The Centre for Healing

Matt Nettleton

Trauma Therapist

It's time to take the reigns of YOUR LIFE!

This course will give you the tools & understanding to do so.

Understanding Addiction - Online Course

For a limited time you can get lifetime access to the full course for
$200 NOW $99 AUD


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