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How Failing made me Successful

business failure job success Feb 09, 2020
Fail better

I was in a stressful day job,
getting paid by the hour and feeling like I was wasting my life away.

Feeling like I was failing my life opened me up to seeking an alternative way to make money and with the side benefit of choosing my own hours whilst really helping people with their lives.

Something meaningful.

I know when I first did my training back in I think 2014, studying NLP, I only had 7 days of training. 

We had NO outline of how to run a session, just random tools! 

So I pushed myself, knowing that if I hesitated I would hesitate and question myself - so I just took action and hoped for the best. I created my own general structure and just started seeing people (I charged by the way!) this helped motivate me. 

They don’t know that you don’t know what you are doing, but as long as your heart is in it and you want to help people that is the main thing. 

It is through your mistakes that you will learn. If you are not willing to ‘fail’ you won’t grow and learn.

When we moved everything online at the end of last year, heaps of ‘mistakes’ or things that I had missed with the online software popped up - instead of blaming people for being dumb and not knowing where or how to book with us or complete an online form (although I did have a moment of that, thanks to my ego)... 

but I then realised that with every issue that arises is a perfect chance for me to perfect our system.. Every Time was a blessing. 

We will always be a work in progress, our practice will always be a work in progress, our tools and how we help people will always be a work in progress. 

You will never be perfect, just start and I promise you will grow from there. 

Courage is where it is at… courage always trumps fear. 

Just taking courage will inspire others to be better, even if you know the very basics of what you are doing you will still help others through your efforts!

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Written by; Melissa Hiemann
Co-Founder of The Centre for Healing
Trainer and Therapist. 
Author of The Natural High: Secrets to Overcoming Instant Gratification and Finding Inner Peace.