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How To Use Your Intuition

business healing melbourne intuition life guidance melbourne mentor soul spiritual healing melbourne Aug 07, 2016

Your intuition can be such a powerful tool in all areas of your life.

I was inspired to write this from a conversation today with my mum. She was feeling emotional and couldn’t make sense or get past a situation in which was clouded by a swirl of repetitive thoughts and heavy emotion which wouldn’t pass.

This is a common occurrence, in our Western high pressure culture we are taught from childhood all the external things in life such as history, how to understand science and play sport – but we were not taught how to use our inner expansive wisdom. Due to this, every thought or feeling that we have, we think that an external factor has influenced or caused this and we constantly reach out for answers – not knowing or trusting our own inner guidance.

Whether you believe in soul incarnation or not, most people agree that we have a soul or spirit that continues to live even after our physical body passes on. Through our experience and research at our centre into the concept of past lives, life between life and soul evolution and expansion through different perspectives in order to learn and grow –  we have found that your higher self (or soul) chose this life for particular learnings in order to expand as a part of consciousness.

If you were to agree with this, then you may also agree that you soul might have the potential to be eons old with all the wisdom that comes with experience through many a circumstance.  With this is mind, and the potential that there is a level of free will when it comes to choosing these experiences, in what body, environment and mostly with whom will cross our paths for potential growth – then would it not be wise to assume that the best mentor to have would be your higher self? Your higher self who chose this life path –  would that not be the best point of contact to question whether you are on or off path with the unwavering confidence that you will be getting the absolute right answer for you?

As we go through life (and I am going to make a huge generalisation that I am pretty confident in saying) do most people not get glimpses? How many times have you or someone you know said, “I knew that I should have gone with my first instinct”, or “I have a bad feeling about this and I don’t know why” or “I’m not sure how but I just knew!” or “something told me not to go ahead with it, and I was right!”.

You might then ask, how can we harness this invaluable tool? Especially for people who are not emotionally intelligent, or find it hard to make decisions or that are very fear based or perhaps just want to live with more ease in their life.


How to use your intuition.

I explained to my mum, while she was feeling very emotional how to tap into our higher self’s guidance. She was able to get an understanding of the situation and release the emotion very quickly and get through the rut within 5 minutes!

Here is the step by step guide to using your intuition.

Step 1. Be fully aware of the emotions that you are feeling (take note of good or bad and what you would label it). Notice where you can feel it the most in your body and place one of your hands where the feeling is the strongest if possible. Take a deep breath and tune into this area.

Step 2. Let all the thoughts come up and run through your mind freely. Then, be clear about what you want to know to understand or get guidance on about the situation or decision in question – basically what you want to ask exactly. (If your emotions are too strong then relieve some of it through journalling).

Step 3. Close your eyes, tilt your head back and imagine a white line of light going up into the sky from the crown of your head.

Step 4. In this position with your eyes still closed, take a deep breath in and ask the specific question that you need an answer to.

Step 5. The answer will drop in intuitively as either a small sentence or 1-2 words. I normally will have a pen and paper with me just in case the word doesn’t make sense at time. Your soul loves your connection and wants to give you guidance so don’t be afraid to ask for more clarity if you don’t understand.


So there you go! This has made my life, my family, friends and clients lives much easier and I hope that it will help make your life easier too.

(Please note that if you find this very difficult you can contact us at The Centre for Healing to clear any heavy blocks and receive personal one-on-one guidance).


Written by:

Melissa Hiemann
Co-Founder and Therapist at The Centre for Healing
Author of The Natural High - The Secrets to Overcoming Instant Gratification and Finding Inner Peace