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Are You Ready To Heal Yourself & Others? - Melissa Hiemann | Something For Everybody 210

mens health podcast traumahealing Dec 19, 2023

A Podcast Interview with Aaron Machbitz from the Something for Everybody Podcast, with guest Melissa Hiemann, The Co-Founder of The Centre for Healing. 

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00:00 Introduction and Personal Updates
02:10 The Importance of Self-Care for Helping Professionals
05:20 Creating a Balanced Work-Life Integration
08:32 Melissa's Journey of Overcoming Addiction
12:22 The Importance of Feeling and Processing Emotions
16:48 Root Cause Therapy: Healing Trauma at the Source
19:45 The Methodology and Structure of Root Cause Therapy
21:57 The Role of Self-Awareness and Emotional Intelligence in Healing
24:00 The Connection Between Trauma and Addiction
26:25 The Journey of Opening a Healing Center
28:07 Recovery vs. Fully Recovered from Addiction
33:26 Manifesting Through a Trauma-Informed Lens
39:26 Reparenting and Healing Childhood Trauma
42:37 Creating the Adult Life You Deserve
42:50 Introduction to Self-Healing Protocols
48:09 Recognizing Trauma Responses in Education
48:23 Making an Impact in Recognizing Human Nature
48:36 Connect with the Center for Healing