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What is an Orphaned Part?

coping mechanism distress hyper vigilant integration nervous system orphaned parts psyche stuck Mar 25, 2022

Orphaned Part = Split off part of one's Psyche & Being

Created during a time of extreme distress.
The Nervous System perceives threat and the 'threat response' never finds full completion.

The Orphaned Part, from that day forward, will keep an eye out for a potentially similar situation to occur.
We get stuck in a Hyper Vigilant state.

Most humans have dozens (sometimes a lot more) of these parts which become active during the day.
When we can never find relief from the hyper vigilance then we tend to turn to Coping Mechanisms, drugs, alcohol, food, gambling, shopping, sex, work, etc.

We hear the term Integration a lot in the healing world.
What we are integrating is these Orphaned Parts.
Finding them, locating their origin, understanding them, processing them & welcoming them back Home.

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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