Sympathy And Empathy. What is The Difference?

empath empathy sympathy Feb 08, 2016

What is the difference between sympathy and empathy?

Let me tell you about a recent scenario and epiphany that I had in relation to this subject.

I actually have a friend that helped me have a deeper understanding of empathy and how it develops as we peel back the layers on our spiritual development journey.

I noticed that over time, the more healings that I have experienced, the more empathy I feel. The spiritual term for that is an empath. I saw it on a raw level though not long ago. My little sister has become a vegan and while I stayed at home for a few weeks in between moving – I found that I couldn’t handle watching the animals be tortured and killed for food. It was horrible and has certainly turned me off eating so much meat.

Then I was at my friends, a video came on my news feed of how poorly a young calf was being treated in a dairy farm. It actually made me tear up.

I showed her the video and she said “is that bad that it doesn’t affect me at...

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