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Autonomic Nervous System 101

autonomic nervous system connection fawn fight flight freeze nervous system ventral vagus Mar 26, 2022

Fight / Flight / Freeze / Fawn

I'm sure you've heard of these nervous system states at some point.
In the above video we talk about what that actually looks like inside the branches of the Autonomic Nervous System.

When our nervous system perceives threat in the environment it will make a decision (without our conscious awareness of 'why') as to which state will be most beneficial to our survival.

Now our nervous system is not only reacting to physical threat, it is reacting to threats to our identity.
The mechanism is actually the same.

Fight / Flight
- Sympathetic
- Mobilised 
- Intense Energy
- "MOVE"

Freeze / Fawn
- Para-sympathetic
- Immobilised
- Shutdown or Collapse
- Dissociation 

Connection / Social Engagement
- Ventral Vagal
- Safe (no Fear)
- Meditative State
- Play & Fun

Being able to activate the Ventral Vagus will start to re-adapt the nervous system.
Meaning we can regulate in a more efficient manner, both with circumstances that arise in our daily life & when processing old emotional wounds.

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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