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Belief Systems

belief system collective consciousness generational limiting beliefs subconscious Apr 19, 2022
Belief Systems

Have you ever asked yourself what is a belief?

Have you ever questioned your beliefs?

Have you ever wondered whether reality actually needs beliefs?

Belief systems are the filter through which we view reality. The conscious part of our mind sees reality through an intricate web of conditioned beliefs and then we act and move in the world according  to those beliefs, the web stretches right down through every layer of our subconscious.

The beliefs we experience are created throughout the generations and within the collective and then taken on by the individual, and there is a consensus that these are absolute, that they are real.

They shape our worldview, they shape our self view, they shape the way we relate to others and to ourselves, and they shape the way the nervous system adapts to being on the planet.

Here is an example:

If I grow up in an environment that feels threatening, one of the core beliefs my body/subconscious may take on is “I'm not safe” or “The world is not safe.”

This then becomes the veil through which I view reality, even though many years later my environment may have changed and I am in a safe space that belief can still be very much obscuring the reality of the moment.

My nervous system will still be in a state of “Not Safe” and I will not only feel unsafe, but I will be on the lookout for any potential threat.




If I can not find a threat, the mind will often create one (make one up) and we will unconsciously act upon that, eventually sabotaging our situation. The belief which was created in childhood (or perhaps generations ago) has obscured the moment, and we are cut off from actuality.

Each person has a unique set of belief systems which make up their individual experience, and there are as many belief systems as there are fingerprints. The issue arises when we believe our belief systems ARE reality.

If we can learn to see them for what they are, simply thoughts which are obscuring the moment then we simply stop believing them.

The filter of the past can drop away, and perhaps for the first time we experience the present moment exactly as it is, Here and Now is where reality is found.

That moment is the dawn of true wisdom. Next time you feel anxious or unsafe, have a look around. Is there any potential threat right now? Are you safe right now? If you are, then you may see how the mind can filter the immediacy and safety of the moment.

If we can learn to see thoughts as simply thoughts, beliefs as just beliefs, whilst at the same time taking care of our body and our nervous system we can learn to live a fully present and embodied life.


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Our attachment to certain viewpoints lessens and we can use viewpoints and belief systems rather than, them use us. There is a type of freedom that comes from the ability to move between perspectives, and see others points of view.

That can never happen whilst we are trapped within a certain view/belief system.
We can spend our lives viewing the world in 1 particular way without ever even for a moment questioning the reality of the world or of ourselves we feel locked into.

-This is an invitation to simply question; what can I know for certain?

-Is my experience of the world, and of myself the Truth?

-Am I experiencing reality through my thoughts?

-Can you perhaps even for 1 moment, catch a glimpse of what lies beyond that veil.

In peace,
The Centre for Healing

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