Behaviours Created from the Womb

Imagine for a moment that you’re in your mother's womb and you can hear your parents having an awful argument.

You feel your mother's anger, loneliness and hurt... as her emotions pump through your tiny body.

As you are in the womb, you are getting to know yourself, the world and the environment that you are going to be born into.

The range of cortisol and the stress that you feel amplifies your conscious thoughts and a belief burns into your biology that… conflict is scary.

You are now encoded with the belief that you should have fear of conflict & that this is what relationships look like.

Your parents don’t know any better, as they were shown the same & weren’t aware of any childhood wounds that may be playing out in their relationship.

Now that you're an adult, you may still have this belief.

It possibly plays out in your relationships as it’s been encoded into your brain & body that this is what ‘love looks like’.

It either...

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What is Awakening?

There are many definitions of awakening and over the years I have come to realise that a lot of the time when people are speaking about awakening they are talking about very different things. So this article is an attempt to bring some clarity as to what I mean when I am talking about awakening.  

In the way I use the word I am pointing toward a shift in identity, a transition from being identified with the mental projections to something that is prior to all thinking processes and conceptualization.

The shift of identity occurs as a result of a negation, by negating everything that I am aware of in my experience as not myself, I am eventually left with the very essential quality of who I am.

All objects that I can be aware of can not be what I essentially am, simply due to the fact I can be aware of them. This process eventually leads us to a sense of “I” which is not the same “I” that we are so used to being identified with.

This is the...

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The Unconscious & The Body (Part 2)

Following on from the article last week about the discovery of the unconscious mind, how it works and what it is, this week I will be speaking to the unconscious mind and the body.

Through my own internal journey, something I feel that Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung did not understand, or had not yet come to see clearly is the direct relationship between the unconscious mind and the felt sense of the body. Even the term ‘relationship’ is itself misleading as they are not two separate things, they are essentially one.

In my own exploration and experience I have concluded that the felt sense of the body is the unconscious mind, and the unconscious mind is what creates the felt sense of our body. 

Anything that is unconscious within us can be made conscious through directly feeling the body. The presence of contractions, densities, pains, pleasures and different subtleties in energy are in fact the very imprints that make up the unconscious mind.

This may seem foreign...

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What is the Unconscious Mind?

Sigmund Freud was the first to speak about the idea that below the thoughts that we are consciously aware of, our conscious mind, exists an unconscious mind. 

The unconscious is the machinery that is essentially running the show, it is the cogs and drivers that govern our decisions, our thinking processes, our motivations, our filters and our perception of the world and our sense of self.

It is the building blocks that make up our individual interpretation of experience. After Sigmund Freud was another man named Carl Jung, who traversed the landscape of the unconscious, discovering many of the individual as well as collective archetypes that govern most human beings. 

Back in their day, the unconscious was not a widely accepted or understood theory. These days it is different, the unconscious mind is an accepted fact in modern day psychology as well as many other therapeutic practices.

The aim of many therapies is to work directly with the unconscious, to change limiting...

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Belief Systems

Have you ever asked yourself what is a belief?

Have you ever questioned your beliefs?

Have you ever wondered whether reality actually needs beliefs?

Belief systems are the filter through which we view reality. The conscious part of our mind sees reality through an intricate web of conditioned beliefs and then we act and move in the world according  to those beliefs, the web stretches right down through every layer of our subconscious.

The beliefs we experience are created throughout the generations and within the collective and then taken on by the individual, and there is a consensus that these are absolute, that they are real.

They shape our worldview, they shape our self view, they shape the way we relate to others and to ourselves, and they shape the way the nervous system adapts to being on the planet.

Here is an example:

If I grow up in an environment that feels threatening, one of the core beliefs my body/subconscious may take on is “I'm not safe” or...

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