The Unconscious & The Body (Part 2)

Following on from the article last week about the discovery of the unconscious mind, how it works and what it is, this week I will be speaking to the unconscious mind and the body.

Through my own internal journey, something I feel that Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung did not understand, or had not yet come to see clearly is the direct relationship between the unconscious mind and the felt sense of the body. Even the term ‘relationship’ is itself misleading as they are not two separate things, they are essentially one.

In my own exploration and experience I have concluded that the felt sense of the body is the unconscious mind, and the unconscious mind is what creates the felt sense of our body. 

Anything that is unconscious within us can be made conscious through directly feeling the body. The presence of contractions, densities, pains, pleasures and different subtleties in energy are in fact the very imprints that make up the unconscious mind.

This may seem foreign...

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Relationship to Anger

Anger is quite often quoted to me as the most difficult emotion for people to experience.

When we are children the energy and expression of anger is more often than not met with disdain, even forms of healthy aggression we can be conditioned to shut down and move into states of collapse, fawn or freeze instead.

When we express aggression and are met with some form of shaming by a larger more powerful being whom our survival relies on, part of our survival strategy is to then orphan our anger. We dissociate from this part of ourselves in order to maintain some kind of healthy relational attachment.

We may learn by their response that when anger is present love is withdrawn. Our relationship to anger then becomes one of resistance and our anger itself becomes associated with threat.

This can create layers of internal struggle along with unconscious self hatred and shame for having these emotions, which are actually in truth a very natural and healthy part of development.


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3 Myths About Trauma


3 Myths about Trauma

1 - Trauma is what happens to us

We classically think of trauma as a certain event, sexual abuse, veteran at war, car crash.
Trauma is actually what happens INSIDE of us as a result of external stimulus.

Here is what happens inside during trauma:
- A Nervous System in Overwhelm (Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn)
- Stored Emotional Energy / Survival Stress
- Creation of Painful Narratives
- Orphaned Parts

When we don't have a stable Resource of Safety to process the first 2, we then create the second 2.

This is the birth of a trauma & the associated trauma responses in similar life situations.

2 - What is traumatic for one person is traumatic for everyone

Based on the above point of trauma happening inside, we can see that different events may or may not be traumatic to a certain individual.

Some events will be traumatic to 95% of the population, some for 50% of the population and some events will only be traumatic to 5% of people.
We should never compare what...

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