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3 Myths About Trauma

emotional energy myths nervous system resource safety survivial stress trauma traumatic Mar 28, 2022

3 Myths about Trauma

1 - Trauma is what happens to us

We classically think of trauma as a certain event, sexual abuse, veteran at war, car crash.
Trauma is actually what happens INSIDE of us as a result of external stimulus.

Here is what happens inside during trauma:
- A Nervous System in Overwhelm (Fight, Flight, Freeze, Fawn)
- Stored Emotional Energy / Survival Stress
- Creation of Painful Narratives
- Orphaned Parts

When we don't have a stable Resource of Safety to process the first 2, we then create the second 2.

This is the birth of a trauma & the associated trauma responses in similar life situations.

2 - What is traumatic for one person is traumatic for everyone

Based on the above point of trauma happening inside, we can see that different events may or may not be traumatic to a certain individual.

Some events will be traumatic to 95% of the population, some for 50% of the population and some events will only be traumatic to 5% of people.
We should never compare what people have been through, this invokes shame and a downplaying of our direct experience of life.TRAUMA IS SUBJECTIVE.

3 - We should just talk about our trauma to help desensitise it

By simply talking about trauma over and over again we deepen the neurological pathways associated.
We further deepen the painful narratives and in fact we re-traumatise the body.

Trauma doesn't get resolved & find completion until the body knows that the event is over. Somatic therapies directly work with the body and associated sensations/emotions. 
This is where we can start to understand and eventually close the loops on our traumatic imprints.

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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