Healing as a Lifestyle

In the western world we have a very “quick fix” attitude which in my experience in my time in this field is one of the biggest blocks to transformation.

When we have a headache we take a paracetamol and our headache goes away, when our car breaks down we call roadside assist and they come almost instantly, when we don't know the answer to something we pull out our phone and quickly google it.

We have literally everything at our fingertips. This attitude of instant gratification is actually an obstacle when it comes to inner healing and transformation.

In our rush to “get somewhere” what happens is we lose the ability to trust and to let the natural and organic intelligence do the healing for us, in our belief that we are broken we essentially disconnect further from our essential wholeness.

Imagine now you are out in the garden pulling out weeds, you catch your hand on the edge of a sharp rock and it cuts it open. You rush inside and wash out the wound and...

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What is Awakening?

There are many definitions of awakening and over the years I have come to realise that a lot of the time when people are speaking about awakening they are talking about very different things. So this article is an attempt to bring some clarity as to what I mean when I am talking about awakening.  

In the way I use the word I am pointing toward a shift in identity, a transition from being identified with the mental projections to something that is prior to all thinking processes and conceptualization.

The shift of identity occurs as a result of a negation, by negating everything that I am aware of in my experience as not myself, I am eventually left with the very essential quality of who I am.

All objects that I can be aware of can not be what I essentially am, simply due to the fact I can be aware of them. This process eventually leads us to a sense of “I” which is not the same “I” that we are so used to being identified with.

This is the...

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The Felt Sense

Have you ever wondered what they mean by “felt sense”? 

The felt sense is in the direct experience of bodily sensation. As a beginning practice it may be helpful to close your eyes and begin to tune into your body, notice your hands, what does the presence of your hands feel like? Can you notice subtle sensations, subtle energy?

Can you feel the presence of your hands? This can be a helpful practice for beginners, to just gently feel the hands or other parts of the body that have neutral associations. You will notice almost immediately the pull to be dragged back into the mind, into thinking about the felt sense rather than feeling the felt sense.

Do not fight this pull, just gently notice you have been drawn back into mind, and then return attention back to the feeling of your hands.

With practice the ability to hold attention in the body grows and we spend longer and longer periods there. (PS. Be weary of letting this turn into a struggle, have patience with...

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Mindfulness Made Easy


Mindfulness - The Buzz Term of the Last Decade

We could jump on Amazon and buy 100 different mindfulness book right now.
There is so much different information on what is a very simple topic.

In the above video I attempt to break it down as simply as I possibly can.
Along with a daily practice to maintain our 'Mindful' state.

During this experience of being a human being there are only 3 things we'll be aware (or mindful) of.
- The Outside World
- Thoughts
- Emotions

These are quite broad categories however they are all we'll experience.
The issue comes when we forget that we're experiencing them and we become them.

We spend our lives trying to manipulate the outside world in order to feel less disturbance in our thoughts & emotions.

Be different. Step off the hamster wheel.

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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How do I get More Energy?!


The Shakti....that's what we love

Our Shakti is our Energy, our life force. We love to feel it and whether we know it or not, the actions we take are because we believe that 'thing' will stimulate this Shakti.

Truth is we have so much dormant energy within us, incredible amounts!
But for most of us, it's blocked.
It's like a powerful river that has been clogged up with rocks, pebbles & boulders.
To the point where only trickles of water are running through.

As we move through time & space our Consciousness (our energy) gets stuck at certain points, we cannot digest certain life experiences, we cannot properly process them, so a small fragment of our energy remains there while the rest moves through time & space with us.

This is essentially putting a rock in the river.

All of a sudden we're 40 years old and our life energy is greatly diminished.
We blame it on 'ageing' when in actual fact our energy is scattered across dozens (or hundreds) or undigested life experiences.


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Our Individual Essence

Beneath our adaptations and survival based concepts which veil our naturalness is our individual essence.

The more one's body and psyche is disentangled from the conditioning of our childhood, from our collective unconscious and from cultural norms, the more our unique individual essence becomes apparent.

In essence we are each as distinct as a fingerprint, as one of my teachers would say we are spirit dancing a unique dance, yet on the level of skin we are all unified and the same.

Just as on one level each tree is unparalleled and separate, they are all in essence made of wood.

The individual essence is not in opposition to a unified state, but complementary as we are multidimensional beings.

In an integrated state of wholeness we leave no stone unturned, we learn to inhabit our humanity, our individuality and our unity. Not as a conceptual understanding but an experiential reality. 

Our individual essence is our birthright, it is the unique expression of the life force...

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