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How do I get More Energy?!

consciousness energy presence shakti somatic stuck Mar 28, 2022

The Shakti....that's what we love

Our Shakti is our Energy, our life force. We love to feel it and whether we know it or not, the actions we take are because we believe that 'thing' will stimulate this Shakti.

Truth is we have so much dormant energy within us, incredible amounts!
But for most of us, it's blocked.
It's like a powerful river that has been clogged up with rocks, pebbles & boulders.
To the point where only trickles of water are running through.

As we move through time & space our Consciousness (our energy) gets stuck at certain points, we cannot digest certain life experiences, we cannot properly process them, so a small fragment of our energy remains there while the rest moves through time & space with us.

This is essentially putting a rock in the river.

All of a sudden we're 40 years old and our life energy is greatly diminished.
We blame it on 'ageing' when in actual fact our energy is scattered across dozens (or hundreds) or undigested life experiences.

To regain the beautiful Shakti within us we must reclaim the fragments of consciousness stuck in the past.
The more rocks we remove from the river, the more energy we get back.

More Energy, Presence, Inspiration & Enthusiasm.....who doesn't want that?

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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