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meditation mindful mindfulness presence reflection Mar 28, 2022

Mindfulness - The Buzz Term of the Last Decade

We could jump on Amazon and buy 100 different mindfulness book right now.
There is so much different information on what is a very simple topic.

In the above video I attempt to break it down as simply as I possibly can.
Along with a daily practice to maintain our 'Mindful' state.

During this experience of being a human being there are only 3 things we'll be aware (or mindful) of.
- The Outside World
- Thoughts
- Emotions

These are quite broad categories however they are all we'll experience.
The issue comes when we forget that we're experiencing them and we become them.

We spend our lives trying to manipulate the outside world in order to feel less disturbance in our thoughts & emotions.

Be different. Step off the hamster wheel.

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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