From Spiritual Bypassing to a Trauma Sensitive Approach

‘Spiritual bypassing’ has become a common term over the last few years, but people don’t always mean the same thing by it as there are many ways bypassing can occur.

At the core of bypassing is the motivation to escape our experience. It shows up as denial (rejecting one kind of experience) as well as preference (grasping at another). When bypassing, we focus on and grasp at one specific kind of experience, usually the more pleasant, and attempt to make that permanent, whilst at the same time excluding and denying other typically more painful and unpleasant kinds. 

This ends up causing many issues such as fragmentation in the psyche, cycles of craving and aversion, inner struggles and conflicts and, without the proper guidance and understanding can cause further dissociation for a trauma survivor.

Let’s go through a few common examples of spiritual bypassing:

  • A big one is attempting to avoid our negative thoughts by remaining in a space of positivity by...
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From Awakening into Unity

Over the last few weeks I discussed the development of having a separate identity and also in the article “What is Awakening?” I spoke about the shift of identity that can occur in an individual from experiencing themselves as a personality over to recognising themselves as a much more expansive state of presence. 

This shift of identity is experienced as one transitioning from a personal and individuated state of consciousness to a more impersonal state of empty, aware presence.

This seems to have always been quite a rare occurrence and in the past was believed to be only for a select few who lived in ashrams, caves in the Himalayas or those who lived a life of solitude where they were devoted to practice on a constant moment to moment basis, from some observation this shift is starting to be more common in everyday individuals and happening quite spontaneously without the years of practice.

Many books have been written on this very real and dramatic shift in...

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The Felt Sense

Have you ever wondered what they mean by “felt sense”? 

The felt sense is in the direct experience of bodily sensation. As a beginning practice it may be helpful to close your eyes and begin to tune into your body, notice your hands, what does the presence of your hands feel like? Can you notice subtle sensations, subtle energy?

Can you feel the presence of your hands? This can be a helpful practice for beginners, to just gently feel the hands or other parts of the body that have neutral associations. You will notice almost immediately the pull to be dragged back into the mind, into thinking about the felt sense rather than feeling the felt sense.

Do not fight this pull, just gently notice you have been drawn back into mind, and then return attention back to the feeling of your hands.

With practice the ability to hold attention in the body grows and we spend longer and longer periods there. (PS. Be weary of letting this turn into a struggle, have patience with...

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Trauma & Spirituality


There comes a time in this work when we start to ponder;
If i'm not my habits or routines?
If I'm not my traumas?
If I'm not my mental & emotional patterns?
If I'm not what happened to me?
Then.......Who am I??

Here we find the undeniable link between Trauma Healing & Spirituality.

One of the most crucial parts of this journey is realising parts of us will fall away.
A lot of people get stuck at this point as they're consciously wanting change however the pain of an old 'part' dying is too great and so the process stops.

We're always unconsciously trying to 'hold' our identity together.

Letting go is scary but true transformation sits on the other side of it.

As Matt puts it:
"There's a you that desperately wants to go to the beach so you embark on the journey. But going to the beach requires transformation, so by the time you get to the beach the part of you that wanted to go had to die off........the journey of spirituality isn't one of getting anywhere"

Ryan Hassan...

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Our Individual Essence

Beneath our adaptations and survival based concepts which veil our naturalness is our individual essence.

The more one's body and psyche is disentangled from the conditioning of our childhood, from our collective unconscious and from cultural norms, the more our unique individual essence becomes apparent.

In essence we are each as distinct as a fingerprint, as one of my teachers would say we are spirit dancing a unique dance, yet on the level of skin we are all unified and the same.

Just as on one level each tree is unparalleled and separate, they are all in essence made of wood.

The individual essence is not in opposition to a unified state, but complementary as we are multidimensional beings.

In an integrated state of wholeness we leave no stone unturned, we learn to inhabit our humanity, our individuality and our unity. Not as a conceptual understanding but an experiential reality. 

Our individual essence is our birthright, it is the unique expression of the life force...

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