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The Felt Sense

healing meditation mind body presence senses somatic spirituality Apr 04, 2022
felt sense presence meditation

Have you ever wondered what they mean by “felt sense”? 

The felt sense is in the direct experience of bodily sensation. As a beginning practice it may be helpful to close your eyes and begin to tune into your body, notice your hands, what does the presence of your hands feel like? Can you notice subtle sensations, subtle energy?

Can you feel the presence of your hands? This can be a helpful practice for beginners, to just gently feel the hands or other parts of the body that have neutral associations. You will notice almost immediately the pull to be dragged back into the mind, into thinking about the felt sense rather than feeling the felt sense.

Do not fight this pull, just gently notice you have been drawn back into mind, and then return attention back to the feeling of your hands.

With practice the ability to hold attention in the body grows and we spend longer and longer periods there. (PS. Be weary of letting this turn into a struggle, have patience with yourself)

In order to come into the felt sense it requires us to step out of the cognitive mind. The felt sense is deeper than thinking, it is deeper than understanding and cognising. Within the felt sense exists imprinted energetic densities within the physical structure of the body.




These densities are life energy that has become trapped. Stored within the structure of the body itself is our living past, existing as the felt sense of our body and the feeling of who we think we are. The felt sense has no beliefs, it has no story, it is immediate and direct and always Now.

A helpful metaphor can be thinking of the ocean, there are many waves, many expressions of the ocean, the ocean heaves with rage, it settles into stillness, it freezes into icebergs and it melts back into itself.

Life energy is like the ocean, life energy is water itself.

The icebergs are frozen life energy trapped in time, though even the absolute density of the iceberg is still made of water. When we learn to skillfully and safely be with the felt sense it begins to melt these icebergs and the energy begins to free itself.


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At times some parts can feel so dense that it can feel like water eroding a rock, other times things really begin to flow and move freely. These densities are pure vitality, and as they melt the body feels more and more alive.

As we practice being with the felt sense we are actually doing a form of meditation, we are being fully present with ourselves in this moment.

As we devote ourselves to this practice we slowly unwind layers of our false sense of self, and life begins to take over as our body’s natural intelligence begins to guide and govern the process.

On a side note, the felt sense can be a terrifying place for a lot of people with trauma, the body can feel extremely unsafe. If this is the case for you, please seek support from one of our certified practitioners as they will help guide you through this process in a safe and gently paced way.

Peace & Blessing,
Matt Kay (Co-Creator of Embodied Processing)

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