How To Combine Root-Cause Therapy with Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching


Free Live Class Replay: How to Combine Trauma-Informed Manifestation coaching with Root-Cause Therapy

Whether you are just interested in learning more about our certification or if you are already a student.
In this free class, I will be going over how to combine these healing and coaching methodologies for incredible outcomes with your clients.

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The Mirroring Concept

One of the concepts that we teach in Root-Cause Therapy is called Mirroring.

When we judge others (which is a natural human thing that we do as a part of our experience), it can become a key to healing by discovering our shadow aspects.

Shadow aspects are our blind spots.

Things that we do, how we behave unconsciously.

Mirroring, or noticing where we judge others, gives us a chance to shed light on these shadow aspects.

And to see where we are actually seeing ourselves in others

Where we are actually judging ourselves. For example, judging someone for how they dress.

If this is something that you notice a lot and find yourself internally making negative comments as you often scan people up and down …

Then most likely it’s something that you may feel insecure about within yourself.

The root-cause of this shadow aspect could be one of many layers, and will be different from person to person.

But for example it may be…

  • being judged harshly as a child or teen about...
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Behaviours Created from the Womb

Imagine for a moment that you’re in your mother's womb and you can hear your parents having an awful argument.

You feel your mother's anger, loneliness and hurt... as her emotions pump through your tiny body.

As you are in the womb, you are getting to know yourself, the world and the environment that you are going to be born into.

The range of cortisol and the stress that you feel amplifies your conscious thoughts and a belief burns into your biology that… conflict is scary.

You are now encoded with the belief that you should have fear of conflict & that this is what relationships look like.

Your parents don’t know any better, as they were shown the same & weren’t aware of any childhood wounds that may be playing out in their relationship.

Now that you're an adult, you may still have this belief.

It possibly plays out in your relationships as it’s been encoded into your brain & body that this is what ‘love looks like’.

It either...

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Helping Clients Resolve Relationship Issues


Click the 'play' button on the image above to watch the class ^

Relationship issues can be one of the toughest things to work through in our life, whether that be family, friends, work colleagues, or even our partner. Knowing how to identify issues and find solutions fast is essential to preserving these relationships.


If you don't know anything about Root-Cause Therapy, then I will tell you a little bit about it now.


Root-Cause Therapy is a trauma healing method that uses regression to allow the completion of unprocessed emotions which are still presently causing unwanted thoughts, behaviours and symptoms in one's life.


With advanced ways of testing and discovering the actual causation of the currently presenting unease within oneself, we find the actual cause which could be reflecting itself through negative life patterns, thoughts and choices.


A qualified practitioner facilitates the client to tap into the self-healing mechanisms of the deeper parts of...

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What is Root-Cause Therapy?


Root-Cause Therapy is a powerful style of therapy that assists people in getting to the root cause of their current presenting symptoms. 

Do you or your clients experience negative self-talk, unhelpful habits and behaviours or perhaps PTSD and procrastination from low self-belief because of painful events in the past or anxieties and worries about the future? 

It’s time to not only talk about the issues - but to start to heal them on a deeper level where real long term change is possible. 

The power of this method lies in the way that it works on all levels of our minds. The conscious mind, so you reading this now and the unconscious mind - where our automatic learnt behaviours and bottled up emotions reside.

Unlike hypnosis, which can create a fear of lack of control and unlike talk therapy which can leave you feeling worse with a long-time frame to create change in behaviours and thoughts - this type of healing creates a space for you to unravel why you do,...

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Combining Root-Cause Therapy & Embodied Processing


In the above video I talk about combining The Centre for Healing's 2 Certified Modalities, Root-Cause Therapy & Embodied Processing.

What might a session look like when combining the two?

You can also apply this to combining other modalities too.
Many of you reading this will be trained in different processes and sometimes you can feel like you need to keep them seperate.

I believe in using all the tools we have at our disposal if that's what the client needs in the moment.
It can become an art form and make you a very sought after Practitioner.

The Video Covers:
- The Basics of RCT
- The Basics of EP
- Combining (Session to Session)
- Combining (During Session)
- 3 Session Examples

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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Stories of Transformation


We're very honoured to have amazing students all over the globe.

Hearing their stories of transformation is so inspiring and we're not shy to share them!

You can see well over 100 reviews on Trust Pilot HERE

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

Want to work with us?
If you're a Coach, Therapist, Healer or Someone in the Industry CLICK HERE
Want to Deepen your own Healing Journey or become a Practitioner CLICK HERE

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Root-Cause Therapy: Live Demo Session


Structure of a Root-Cause Therapy Session

Testing Sheet.
A structured sheet of questions to elicit what's happening in the clients life, both externally & emotionally.

Belief Testing.
Opening up a dialogue with the body using methods of Kinesiology to determine the subconscious beliefs the client has that are holding them back.

Finding the Root-Cause.
Using a visualisation and direct language speaking the unconscious mind we find the first originating event where the belief was created and emotion suppressed.
The emotion is processed and the event can be looked at with 'new eyes'.
New learnings are gained so now the memory has a different energetic imprint.

Root-Cause Therapy Practitioner Training - 

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

Want to work with us?
If you're a Coach, Therapist, Healer or Someone in the Industry CLICK HERE
Want to Deepen your own Healing Journey or become a...

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Root Cause Therapy Supports Chronic Suffering

My journey and education to date, has led me to believe that Dis-ease is an expression of an energetic imbalance within our body. 

Below is video from Dr. Gabor Mate’ discussing this very topic further.


Root Cause Therapy has the potential to create a harmonious relationship within ourselves by clearing the limiting beliefs and patterning we have accumulated in our current and ancestral journey.

Root Cause Therapy promotes conscious awareness to the relationships we have with our emotions, thoughts, behaviours and physical sensations through a very specific intake process. Using your own body as the surrogate for your unconscious mind, together as a team we connect to the limiting beliefs that have shown to be negatively impacting your life.

Once we have determined the lower vibrational frequencies that contribute to the limiting beliefs through the testing method, we proceed into the Time line therapy. This particular time line therapy is advanced in a way...

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