Combining Root-Cause Therapy & Embodied Processing


In the above video I talk about combining The Centre for Healing's 2 Certified Modalities, Root-Cause Therapy & Embodied Processing.

What might a session look like when combining the two?

You can also apply this to combining other modalities too.
Many of you reading this will be trained in different processes and sometimes you can feel like you need to keep them seperate.

I believe in using all the tools we have at our disposal if that's what the client needs in the moment.
It can become an art form and make you a very sought after Practitioner.

The Video Covers:
- The Basics of RCT
- The Basics of EP
- Combining (Session to Session)
- Combining (During Session)
- 3 Session Examples

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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