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HEALING MONEY TRAUMA & STRESS with Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching

bundle business certification manifestation manifesting traumahealing May 24, 2022


I just wanted to start with a disclaimer, as we are talking about finances and money; I’m not a certified financial planner/advisor nor a certified financial analyst nor an economist nor a CPA nor an accountant or a lawyer. I’m not a finance professional through formal education. It is up to you to take responsibility for any financial decisions and seek advice from a qualified financial advisor or accountant.


For most of us, when we think about money, our bodies can start to become tense. This sensation in our body shows up as contraction and anxiety. 


When we are in this contracted state, we are worried about letting the energy of money flow out, but most importantly flow in. 


When we experience financial stress, it affects our deepest sense of security and safety in the world.


Money is a representation of our ability to have options and have our basic needs met.


When we don't have this resource, it can negatively impact the other areas of our lives. Our health, relationships, how we deal with others can become strained. 


This can be due to the many times and imprints where we have experienced stress around money, growing up or later in life.


These money traumas become trapped in the body and nervous system, which produces red flags. 


This can hinder our ability to look at money, change the patterns and look at different ways in receiving.  


Many of us have deep desires around money but hide behind the shame of feeling like we never have enough.


It's time to break the current stress and money cycles.


We're going to be diving into a topic today which, is I would say,

often a sensitive and potentially triggering topic.


So let's get into it...



with Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching


In this Masterclass, we will be looking at a few key aspects;


>How our current money patterns are created

>How to bring awareness to sabotages

>How to start shifting through blocks to receiving

more financial abundance

>How to start to heal money trauma

>How to reduce financial stress


This workshop is for you if you are ready to shift your financial

situation personally or in your business, or you want information 

on how to help others to do so.


So, let's start diving into the topics...


Firstly, I want to start by saying that money itself is probably not the culprit of our issues with money. Money isn't evil, it isn't bad. What I do believe though is that it is a countable/definable energy exchange... and it's also a magnifier. It can magnify in terms of someone being good, and money, as energy can catapult that more into the world (think about people who donate etc) and there is the magnifier of 'bad' people .. and how it can continue to spread the bad energy.


When we had the addiction clinic, I noticed that when my clients gambled and got money, they often wouldn't spend it on the things that they needed, but more bad things or things that brought guilt, because that money was made from guilt. 


Money is a powerful tool, whether we do good or bad with it.


One of the beliefs that many people have is, Money is evil. I find when someone has a deep-seated belief like this, the origins are often seeing someone with a lot of money and relating to what they are doing with it, or a parent has made comments etc when we are just starting to understand and learn about the world.

The symptoms that I see with this belief are mainly, getting rid of money as soon as it comes in.

We don't consciously want to do this, but an unconscious part of us, that is driven for survival and wants to be avoidant of shame, because of that link, having money will make us 'bad'.


And what I have found for me and most people is that even if we sometimes have thoughts or behaviours come up, or even discuss that money isn't important to us... we actually would love lots of money and the options that it can give us.


As my late father would say, "Money doesn't make you happy, but it helps."


Can you notice in yourself, or maybe a client or loved one that does this? They brush off and say 'I'm not in it for the money' or 'money isn't that important to me' but often feel a sense of lack and can't do or create their dream life. 


This brings to mind other instances with clients where, in relation to the shame mentioned, say for example with a smoker (I used to be a smoker). It's disgusting and smells bad and what a waste of money, but I remember at the time telling myself and others that I love it. Our ego tends to cover up our sense of shame and something having a hold on us that we aren't willing to admit... instead of saying that something has a hold on us (because we have tried to stop and failed), we go into denial and tell others that we like it, we may even believe our own lie to save face. 


Like when we say that we don't really care about money, but spend all of our time and energy away from our home, family and friends all day all, from morning until night, with no freedom, in jobs that we don't really like (not everyone) just for money... a contradiction, right?


Or, we can go the other way, and want loads of money, and have all the options and lifestyle freedom that it brings, but every time we go to take action on an idea or intuitive hit of how we can get there... our limiting beliefs, excuses and worrying about what other people would think pop up.


  • Why though, why do we sabotage and do things that negatively affect us in the long run?
  • Why does money cause so much stress?
  • Why do we justify our behaviours now, but then look back at our past actions regrettably?


Well, to nut it down, it all comes down to survival.


This deep part of our body, our nervous system, is always looking to help us survive. 


Now in the society that we live in today, where we don't generally go and built our own huts and hunt and gather our own food anymore...


Our basic need for human survival is guess what.... tied to money.


That's why we have such a strong response to money stressors.


Literally imagine that you are in a cave, with your family, who are wearing leaves and skins... and all of a sudden there is an earthquake and you don't have a shelter, and there is a deep crevice in the ground now, of where you normally go to get your food. 


This is what our body is imagining, on a deep level, when we don't have enough money or are scared about running out of money in the future.


It panics and thinks 'we are going to be homeless' 'how are we going to eat' 


Even though now our cave is our rent or mortgage and we 'forage' at the supermarket. It's pretty much exactly the same.


We go into 'animalistic' survival mode, literally.


Now, when we are in an activated survival state. So we are back in that cave... some people will respond with fight or flight, some people will get totally overwhelmed with no options and go into freeze, or a shutdown response (imagine depressive states and inability to take action)


Either way, we aren't in a regulated state where we can be creative, think of other ways to give service to the world, get food, and connect with our intuition (think of your nervous system like an antenna, it gets fuzzy when we are in survival mode).


On a biological level, our blood, when in a survival state, literally goes away from our pre-frontal cortex, this is where our critical mind and executive functioning happen, and into our extremities, ready to fight or flee.   Have you ever gotten really emotional or scared and just went blank and couldn't think straight, then you thought of what you could have said later on? 


So, it's one thing to be aware of our patterns (the outcomes of the patterns are obvious) and a whole other thing to start to become more comfortable with money as a topic, so that we can start to face it more and look at where we can do better...


for our future self's sake.  Not only in opening the channels to receive more money, but to trust ourselves to spend money as well. Another trigger for some.


So, how do we start shifting through blocks to receiving

more financial abundance?


Well, let's remind you about going into a fight/flight or shutdown/freeze response... 


Firstly, when I say the word money, what comes up in your body? Do you feel any particular sensations? An emotion? tightness? a thought?

Jot that down.


Now, ask yourself, where did this come from?

  • Did I grow up where money was a stressor?
  • Did I grow up in a home where there was lots of money then something happened and it was all gone?
  • Did I have any trauma around money? Financial abuse for example in the past?
  • Has it been an ongoing traumatic cycle for me that I can't break and I don't want to feel into it?


Now, feel into how strong that is out of 10 in your body, in terms of being uncomfortable, or however you want to label it.


I will just say as a side note, that some people, if having gone through a lot of trauma, can dissociate, so if that's you, you may have a numb sensation, and that's okay.


And. Some of you watching are practitioners and may have already done this work and you feel peaceful around money. Just follow along anyway because you may have a client who presents with the previously mentioned sensations.


So, just starting to become aware of these somatic responses in our bodies can really help, because the body will act towards survival, or what it thinks is best in the now to avoid death, pain or starvation.


This is, say for example, where we know that we have a certain amount of money for rent, and we know we shouldn't spend it, but one way that we know that we can feel better, to relieve this tension, stress and anxiety is to say go shopping, buy too many UberEats. Our mind is like, stop this, I know I need this $$ for something else, and I don't really need the dress or shoes, but I feel insecure right now and want to feel better.


We buy the thing, feel better, and then the anxiety comes up again, just like an addiction. 


If this happens over and over again, a part of us starts to create an identity around it. Sometimes it's generational, starting from what we see in childhood, sometimes it's our own way to cope, either way, we may start to create beliefs and identify as someone that is 'not very good with money', 'I never have enough money', I always have to check my account before I buy something, I get bill shock every time I get a bill.


But another part of us is sick of it and just wants to be on top of it and feel better! 


We can bury our head in the sand and not take radical responsibility, because it makes us feel so uncomfortable. So it makes sense that the cycle repeats itself. 


There are literally so many layers connected to this, which I can't cover all of today...


***Which reminds me I should mention that if you want to dive deeper and want the full practitioner training, the trauma-informed manifestation coach training.
Here is the link below to enrol before it goes up.


So how can we start healing these blocks and triggers? The ones that are stopping us from spending on what we really need and stop us from receiving what we truly desire?


Step one. Awareness.


I want you to notice over the next few days when there is money involved where you tense up.


This could be, looking at the high-end label shop and looking and wishing that we could afford to go in, but not allowing ourselves too.. where is the tension in the body and what thoughts arise? Like 'iI cant afford that', 'i don't deserve that' ' i would feel so awkward in there' 'it's too expensive for me'.

Now in no way am I advising that you blow your money on designer items to show your nervous system your worth!


This is more of an awareness than an action exercise. 


Another one may be, how do you feel when you receive a bill? 

Are you scared of opening it? Do you feel stressed? do you avoid it? 


Another one maybe. when you see someone doing well financially. Do you wish them well, are you jealous and cursing under your breath? 


What about if someone that you know is more financially secure than you?

Are you genuinely happy for them? Are you beating yourself up because you didn't set yourself up early like them?


What about when a family member or professional asks about your financial situation? Do you feel shy about it, do you feel yourself blaming outside reasons as to why you aren't where you want to be?


The main thing is not just the thoughts, but the tension and stress in the body that I want you to notice.


Remember, our body and nervous system is just trying to keep us safe. It has imprints from past trauma that it wants you to avoid, to avoid the pain again, whereas on the soul level it will get you to repeat the patterns because there is a spiritual lesson/pattern that needs to be overcome. 


Some of us get a rush, spending all the way down to the last dollar to show the world or God or someone that we can survive, we can save ourselves every time.


Now, back to the exercise. 


Every time you feel tightness around a transaction (that is within your limit of course) I want you to notice the tension in your body, and get the information that you need from the thoughts of what the belief may be.


Now we are going to do a few things to lower it, pick one or both of these that feel safe or comfortable for you to regulate yourself over things that you need to do to start facing the reality, patterns and triggers.


Before I do, I want you to imagine energy and abundance like a river that is washing through us through the crown of our head. As it rushes through, there can be 'rocks' in the way that are blocking the flow. Not only are they blocking the flow of money, but they are also blocking the ideas of creativity and mind power to start educating, making more money and educating ourselves on how to nurture and grow our money (which is an act of self-care in itself, remember our future selves). 


When you notice this tension or rock, or contraction, however, the rock feels for you in your body...


I want you to try either;


  1. Do rapid breathing into the space that you feel it (demo)


  1. Use an anchor to have a safety resource in your nervous system for this, I want you to think of a person, place or thing (made up or real) where you feel the safest. Where you feel absolutely safe. Once you have that, tune into how safe you feel.

Whenever you feel that tension come up, bring up this image.


Again our nervous system is trying to keep us safe, but if it's hindering us from making, keeping and growing money... then we need to regulate and let our protective nervous system know that it's safe again. 


So every time we feel safer around the topic of money (or our body does) the more so we will be open to looking at our situation, working on where we can improve, and studying in areas that we lack (we can't keep on blaming that we weren't taught it at school), get a free financial counsellor, read books etc and improve our knowledge.


Well, I hope you enjoyed this short free masterclass. If you would like to dive deeper, you can explore the coaching and healing bundle. Here are the links below:

Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coach Training

The New Practitioner Bundle