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What is Belief Mining?

emotional healing failure fear limiting beliefs Mar 05, 2021
belief mining

If you are in the personal development or healing space, you might be aware of the term ‘Limiting Belief’. The beliefs systems or filters in which directly influence how we see ourselves and the world but which are limiting us from achieving our goals in some way.


If you have taken our Root-Cause Therapy Practitioner Training, you may already be aware of a whole list of beliefs that you can test and work through with this life changing methodology. Click here to take the Free Pre-Training if you haven’t already.

Of course we want to find and work through as many as possible. But when we go too far into trying to find and heal every limiting belief, without a clear goal in mind of why and what we are trying to overcome… then we can get stuck in a belief mining trap.


Healing takes time. In an RCT Healing session, you are looking at clearing maybe 1-3 beliefs per week (the week in-between is needed for your mind and body to integrate lifetimes of neurological paths and releasing of long-held trapped emotions). Even though it is accelerated, in terms of normal times of self healing and talk therapy, some people take a year just to heal one belief consciously or via meditation or journalling. So when we find powerful tools like RCT, it can be tempting to find and clear as many as possible. 


Everytime we heal a set of beliefs, our future opens up with more possibilities and we start to notice new layers that were not front of mind that need to be worked on.
Then what can happen is that a whole new set, or similarly labelled beliefs will tend to pop up due to having less internal limitation and the creation of the new vibration and belief. Honestly, it will be so hard to get ahead.


So, as a practitioner and client, we recommend that you create clear goals on what you want to overcome and then work with the blocks that pop up specifically around those. 


Don’t worry, more or all will present themselves in time when you are ready to tackle that area of your life.


So, what if you're not sure what your goals or blocks are?


Here’s a few things to keep in mind to gain some clarity around this;


  • What are things that interrupt your day and peacefulness the most with frustration?
  • What are the common flashbacks that you keep getting over and over again
  • What goals do you dream about but don’t take action on because of all the excuses and reasons why you cannot or a belief it's not possible?

Notice the thoughts and flashbacks, write them down and prioritise how much of your day or energy is being taken away from the moment and stuck in your future or past. Which ones are affecting you the most? Start with those :)


Happy healing!