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What's the difference between Root-Cause Therapy and Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching?

bundle business certification manifestation manifesting traumahealing May 04, 2022
root-cause therapy vs manifestation

Many people who find our work wonder where to start. Both of our flagship trainings, Root-Cause Therapy and Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coaching Certification. While both courses aim at healing trauma and blocks and fully resolving underlying issues causing us to have pain in our lives or stop us from achieving our goals, they’re also distinctly different in terms of one being therapy and the other coaching (that cross over to each other).

Here’s a short breakdown of the two:

Root-Cause Therapy

Root-Cause Therapy is the original method, created by Melissa Hiemann, used when The Centre for Healing opened its doors 7 years ago in Melbourne.  It was used to successfully treat addiction and mental health issues. 

After seeing the results of thousands of clients pass through our doors, we decided to begin training practitioners in the method, understanding that there would always be a limit on how much we could do ourselves.   

The practitioner training delivers practical, easy to follow modules that anyone can do regardless of background. It’s presented as a step by step method that one can begin to implement right away, without a lot of heavy theory. 

The training takes 2-3 months to complete and once one has completed all the modules, they are required to swap sessions with other trainees or practitioners before certification.  

To become fully certified one must receive 3 sessions and give a minimum of 6 sessions; this can be coordinated through the student community or with a graduate who is already in practice for hire. Once the trainer assesses paperwork and checks reviews, you will be certified and able to gain Accredited and Insurance through IICT.

Included in the course is our complete business training: Practice in a Box, which includes all the procedures we’ve used in our centre and business that you’ll need for yours.  Think of it like a franchise that you get to customize with your own logo, personality, and unique experience. Plus how to Create Your Own Signature Program bonus training.

To get a taste of what RCT is all about,  you can take our Free Pre-Training.

Trauma-Informed Manifestation Coach Certification

This certification course also looks at people that we work with through a trauma-informed lens. But much more so focuses on the future and what a client wants to call in, and then assists them in uplevelling the energetic structures (including their nervous system) in being able to manifest their deepest soul desires. 

The course has numerous tools for the coach to take their client through step by step processes and tools, in a gentle and encouraging way in a supportive and safe environment. 

This is a comprehensive 9 module course, which includes demonstration videos, a practitioner guide, email and form templates and trauma-informed sales guidance. 

To get a taste of what this course is all about, a Free Pre-Training is available as well.


If you are ready to jump in with both feet and access both courses at an incredible discount, then click here to access our New Practitioner Bundle.

We hope to see you there!