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5 Steps to Start Self-Healing

generational healing healing healing melbourne selfcare selflove soulcontracts trainings trauma informed Nov 06, 2023
5 Steps to Start Self-Healing, Self-Healing

5 Steps to Start Self-Healing

Healing is so important. So often, things happen to us and the generations before us that are still unprocessed... Laying dormant in our bodies and getting triggered in adulthood.

Without healing, we wouldn't be able to start releasing and healing these stressful, painful or traumatic experiences. Being able to release these finally allows us to have healthier relationships with others and, most importantly, with ourselves, our emotions and the present moment.

Having someone to work with is invaluable. Someone to confide in, someone who can help you to explore the depths of your mind and body and release what is no longer serving you. But, we want to be empowered on our healing journey and have a good balance between having someone hold space AND being able to hold space for ourselves (as this will be the majority of the time). If you are looking for a trauma-informed practitioner to work with, click here. 


So, how do we start self-healing, you may be wondering?


Here are the 5 Steps to get started on your self-healing journey today;


Step One - Self-Evaluate

This step involves looking at where you are at right now. Take inventory of parts of your life of self that you have been wanting to work on or change. I advise you to start writing a list (I use the notes on my phone. You could use a journal or whatever you like). Now that you have a list, assess what is a priority and what should be worked on first. This could be something that is currently causing you the most distress, sadness, pain or anger.
Hint - It could be anything, like physical, mental, emotional, an ongoing pattern, a block, a conflict with a loved one or a life situation.


Step Two - Self-Love

This is an important step. When we approach this kind of work, and any aspect that we are looking at working on, it is important to look at what needs to be worked on with love. A lot of people approach this work with “What’s wrong with me, or what do I need to fix”... when actually, our external or internal issues are usually a callout for more love and help, rather than to be shutdown, shut out to to be rid of.  

Step Three - Self-Soothing

Whether conscious of it or not, we usually have ways to cope with whatever we are working on. These could be tools we have learned or self-soothing habits that we have automatically picked up along the way. It could be prescribed and medicated, or self-medicating in different ways (such as over-shopping, drugs, alcohol etc). Think about and write down any behaviours or habits that you are doing concerning what you want to work through at the moment. I like the quote, “Stop your addiction, and you’ll quickly find out why you are doing it”. 

Step Four - Go Deeper

As you go deeper under the surface, does a part of you need to be heard? This could be a part if your body (if physical pain), it could be one of your inner children that want to be heard, or a defensive part of you that is trying to protect a more vulnerable part of you. A good way to explore this is to get grounded and regulated, then if it feels safe to do so, call in that part and then write or draw what comes to mind. It seems small, but often, parts of us want to be heard and cause pain to get our attention. 

Step Five - Integration

Integration is an essential part of healing. Whether you are starting to heal yourself, or wanting to nurture yourself in-between sessions with practitioners whom you are working with. To do this, sometimes we need to create a dedicated space and time for healing work… whilst focusing on spending the rest of our time being present and enjoying each moment as best we can. Sensitivity can increase after healings in general, so sometimes more space is needed… honour this as best you can to find moments to reflect but also to just BE in your life. 


If you enjoyed this and would like to go deeper and learn some incredible self-healing tools, then our Self-Healing Protocols - An 8 Week Journey is live and ready for you to dive into. Each week you are guided in a group setting, with teaching and rituals/tools to complete and embody each week.


Whether for your healing journey or to learn incredible wisdom and knowledge to support your clients better. 


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