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Embodied Processing Session: Withdrawing in Relationship

embodied processing relationships soma somatic withdrawing Mar 28, 2022

Things to note from the above Embodied Processing session:

Gently Coming Back to the Body

We let the mind speak when it wants to, we gather that information then drop down into the body again, noticing how it 'lands'

All is Welcome

The mind loves to judge, it attempts to categorise all content it comes across.
When doing this work there is no judgement as to what comes up.
Be it an emotion, sensation, movement, thought, visual in the mind, etc. 
There is no judgement, all parts of this human are welcome here.

Us humans are so used to being judged, it is our expectation.
Great healing can happen when someone can be with their experience with no judgement.

Encourage the Movement

Whether its physical movement or emotional movement, as long as the client feels contained we encourage the continuation and even the exaggeration of the movement.
This is letting the bodies natural processes find completion.

Ryan Hassan (Co-Founder at The Centre for Healing)

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