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How to rise above fear and uncertainty.

addictions fear mental health mindfulness stress Mar 28, 2020

These are certainly uncertain times that we are currently experiencing on a global level.

So, as the worlds economy is crashing, many of us are losing our jobs and businesses and aren’t sure if we can properly provide for our family let alone battling the fear of catching a potentially dangerous virus… it is fair to say that collective stress is at an all time high.


One of the major shake ups, apart from a need to isolate, is the uncertainty around money and the stress that that can bring.

By definition stress is; a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or very demanding circumstances.


Isn’t this definition relevant for these times!

An alternative way to look at stress, as we look at it, is that your reality is not matching your desires that you have created or are a custom to in your mind. I’ll repeat this point just so it sinks in…for example… if you really want chocolate ice cream - you have been thinking about it all day. Then when the ice cream arrives (via Ubereats maybe?) it is strawberry flavour :(

You could react in a few ways to this;  Your desire that you are greatly attached too is not matched so you;
1) Get angry and take it out on the driver or app or blow off to a loved one and reluctantly eat it
2) You feel depressed and feel like you never get anything that you want and sadly eat
3) You feel scared to complain and then get anxious about ordering ever again
4) Trust that you were meant to get that flavour instead, enjoy it and be grateful that you can afford it and have it delivered to your home


When we are emotionally attached to these desires, it can create symptoms of anger, resentment, apathy and depression and/or anxiety.

And on an even deeper level, our basic needs are being threatened which releases stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. The function of these is to give us a boost of physical energy (keeping in mind our bodies are ancient) to run away from the tiger or bear or hunt for food for our family.

If we are in Australia though, or most of the Western Countries we will probably receive forgiveness and some kind of support when it comes to our basic needs being met. So with this in mind we need to focus on reducing our stress as much as possible. 

The reason why we need to focus on looking after our wellbeing in this sense is because stress actually suppresses our immune system. 


Right now the best thing that you can do for this epidemic is to be as healthy as you can. It will keep you safe and your family, thus the community and the world much more safer! In fact this virus is showing us what is important… looking after our planet and our health.

I am blessed to say that I am hardly ever sick but I would say because I take a lot of preventative measures (even before Corona) here are few of my top tips for you;
1. Get a practitioner grade high potency vitamin c and take it daily. In many places around the world are using it intravenously to help people fight the virus.
2. Further to above, vitamin C also help with gum/tooth health. I learnt this from a dentist - and I also learnt that every time you have processed sugar it causes your immune system to lower for 2-4 hours!
3. Fruit and Veg should be eaten everyday. Don’t be scared of eating too much fruit due to the sugar (as mentioned above), there are so many beneficial nutrients that you are receiving that it outways the negatives, plus its a different kind of sugar to processed cane sugar.
4. Stress compromises our health, our intelligence and our relationships with loved ones. Invest at least 10 minutes a day, 3 times a day getting out in nature, meditating, journalling or something else to soothe your soul.
5. Be conscious of instant gratification. Substances like alcohol and marijuana might ease your stress and anxiety momentarily but can increase it later as your energy levels and mind can become affected. Opt for natural positive ways, like a relaxing chamomile tea or an epsom salt bath or even a video chat with a loved one or friend to speak about whats on your mind which you are trying to escape from. 

So if you need your intelligence, creativity and peacefulness at this time you need to consciously take action on the steps above. The more you do that (and avoid the news and newsfeeds) you will find your mind and body don’t have space for the negative and fear and you will come out the other end of this through hope, positivity and perhaps a better version of you.