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embodied processing integration somatic Apr 11, 2022
integration tree

Human beings can be extremely complex.

The ever deepening unconscious layers of threads and structures that govern the orientation of each individual are seemingly infinite, every moment a spontaneous arising, perceptions and perspectives creating and recreating themselves spinning endless loops and patterns of images, words and sensations presenting themselves as reactions and responses to our environment and giving rise to our sense of self.

Within the human psyche are many layers of unintegrated and unconscious imprints that are the driving force of how we move in the world, parts of ourselves that are unknown and hidden from us.

I call these parts the abandoned orphans, they are structures that have been split off from the whole, they live within us in places that for most people attention dares not travel.

A tree on the other hand is so simply itself, it has its branches, it has its leaves, it is made of wood and simply just sits there, being itself.

It has no likes nor dislikes, no preferences, no hidden agendas, no unconscious shadows, no judgements or beliefs about what it is or what it is doing here. Just by being itself it is in itself an integrated form of existence.

In a tree everything about itself is included in its wholeness as a tree. We are like trees with thousands of branches, and thousands of branches coming off those branches all made of associations and experience.




For many reasons we have learned to disown large chunks and sections of ourselves. Perhaps a certain experience is too overwhelming or painful to go into at the time it happened, so we take that branch, hide it from ourselves and bury it beneath the dirt underneath us.

 A very effective, and important survival strategy. Perhaps we are ashamed of a certain potential within us, so we go into denial or stop caring.

Perhaps when we felt angry as a child we were shamed, so we buried anger and became a people pleaser. We disown and abandon certain aspects of our humanity in order to survive in our family, in modern society or our environment in general.


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This process of exclusion is in a sense a process of dissociation. We remove attention and ownership from parts of our humanity, essentially causing psychological splits resulting in internal conflicts and struggles.

To me integration means to include. In the way I view trauma work we do not work through anger so we do not get angry anymore, we work with anger in order to integrate the energy of anger back into the totality of what we are.

At a certain point we become willing to look down and see the skeletons we have buried beneath us, we become willing to include the parts we have orphaned.

At this point in someone's life we could say they have reached a tipping point, the process of exclusion has potentially shifted into a process of re-inclusion.

When we become willing to include something it transmutes and integrates back into the whole. This is not a journey for the faint of heart, in order to include and integrate we must be willing to experience the very things we have been wired to run from.

Bit by bit, as we step more fully into our humanity we become more and more like a tree. So simply ourselves, neither good enough nor not good enough. We are just as we are, and everything is included in our sense of wholeness.

Peace & Blessing,
Matt Kay (Co-Creator of Embodied Processing)

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