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Root Cause Therapy Supports Chronic Suffering

chronic pain emotional healing healing mental health practitioner root-cause therapy trauma Aug 06, 2020
emotional healing

My journey and education to date, has led me to believe that Dis-ease is an expression of an energetic imbalance within our body. 

Below is video from Dr. Gabor Mate’ discussing this very topic further.


Root Cause Therapy has the potential to create a harmonious relationship within ourselves by clearing the limiting beliefs and patterning we have accumulated in our current and ancestral journey.

Root Cause Therapy promotes conscious awareness to the relationships we have with our emotions, thoughts, behaviours and physical sensations through a very specific intake process. Using your own body as the surrogate for your unconscious mind, together as a team we connect to the limiting beliefs that have shown to be negatively impacting your life.

Once we have determined the lower vibrational frequencies that contribute to the limiting beliefs through the testing method, we proceed into the Time line therapy. This particular time line therapy is advanced in a way that every emotion is released in the session and wisdom is gained and integrated in present day.

This process completed consecutively creates lasting change by deepening the connection we have within ourselves.


Words By Nancy Dent, Certified Root-cause Therapy Practitioner. You can reach out to her here for a session.