Why Healing Is So Important

Few of us were lucky enough to grow up in a household of conscious parents.

From a young age, we have not been taught emotional intelligence,  how to navigate guidance from our soul, or even how to see everyone as one or a mirror of ourselves.

This has led to males being told not to cry or be emotional. It has led to women feeling very emotional and not knowing how to deal with it in a constructive way and be told that they are crazy for showing emotions.

Chances are because of the above and many other circumstances such as trauma or belief systems being forced onto us (most of the time with good intention but lack of truth or awareness).   It is so important to heal these wounds.

These experiences and occurrences form how we see the world in this moment. Every encounter from the baggage, misperception or emotions bottled up leads to us misinterpreting the current moment. It is like balls and chains which restrict our happiness, our energy and negatively affect our relationships.

To be free in the now we must make peace with the past.

To make peace with the past, we must learn to heal these wounds.

Unfortunately, we think that when we get older, life will feel easier emotionally and then we will be happy. This is not true unless you have been very mindful and conscious from when you were in the womb and all through your past lives.

Emotional wounds lead to energy being held, which should be in motion but is stuck.

This results in your mind and physical body to be affected. Your soul can also take on this heavier energy (which I can notice when I see peoples souls in our practice) which also needs to be healed.

There are many methods that you can try which will assist with healing. If you would like a find out more about what we provide in healing these wounds and releasing baggage so you can have more freedom, click work with us above.


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