Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

If you are on the path of raising your vibration then this practical list will help you in-between your healing sessions.

As you take on more light (or more of your soul comes in) into your body, your nervous system needs to upgrade to be able to integrate this new energy.

Here are is a list of things that you can incorporate into your life which will assist with both raising your vibration and enhancing how much light your body can absorb.

We have also added some tips on what to avoid, but as you raise your vibration these will come naturally to you;

  1. Eat as healthy as possible. Whenever you go out to a cafe grab a green juice instead of a coffee. Replace dairy with coconut oil, milk and other alternatives. Reduce meat intake and increase raw fruits and veggies.
  2. Stop watching the news. As your vibration increases, you will naturally be more sensitive to negativity as your walls come down and heal. Watching programs that induce fear and violence will decrease your...
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How To Ease "The Healing Hangover"

The ‘healing hangover’ or technically the Integration Period after a deep healing session.

A few of our clients are going through this at the moment, so it inspired me to write up about it in regards to what to expect and what is actually happening and the best way to manage it.

While I don’t like to put expectations or suggestions into peoples minds, after having conducted hundreds of healing sessions and having experienced a lot of healing’s myself (and many hangovers) this article is a generalisation of experiences and tips. You may experience little or none of these or you may experience them all. The main reason why I wanted to create this was because I have a belief that fear comes from not understanding, or expecting the worst
– so to avoid that I would like to give you some tips around this time that should help.

1. What to expect straight after your healing.

During a healing, a lot of pent up negative stagnant energy is being...

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The Healing Hangover

If you have experienced a healing before, you may be aware of the healing hangover during the integration period.

When I first experienced this for myself, I was not warned about how I would be feeling afterwards or how to manage it. Was I in for an unpleasant surprise!

This particular healer was actually hired as a business coach. I was running a therapy practice and needed some help and had met him at a business networking meeting.

My first appointment was booked. It was a Thursday night.

It was so strange as I never experienced anything like it before. It was the first time that I really got to experience the power of energy and our mind. Let’s just say that the TV turned on by itself, it was that intense.

The next day I was feeling so depressed. Again, I was not warned about this and had been doing a lot of work on my personal development over the previous 6 months, so I was feeling quite balanced emotionally for a long time.

Back to feeling depressed. I...

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Why Is It So Hard To Forgive?

When I think of the word forgiveness, I think of my clients who find it hard to forgive someone. By the end of the session they have, but the main feeling that they needed to release first was the anger.

When you think of someone that you don’t want to forgive, when you think of that person – what is the first emotion that pops up for you?

Majority of the time it will be anger.

Why is it that we feel anger, and why do we hold on to that resentment with them? To understand that, we will need to understand anger, as the emotion will tell us the reason as to why we cannot forgive.

Anger is a response to something or someone that has not complied with what we wanted, what we were expecting – an idea or picture in our mind that we are attached too.

Perhaps you have asked someone to do something for you, or trusted them to take care of something that you let them borrow? We always would give this person the benefit of the doubt, otherwise, we wouldn’t have...

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Why Healing Is So Important

Few of us were lucky enough to grow up in a household of conscious parents.

From a young age, we have not been taught emotional intelligence,  how to navigate guidance from our soul, or even how to see everyone as one or a mirror of ourselves.

This has led to males being told not to cry or be emotional. It has led to women feeling very emotional and not knowing how to deal with it in a constructive way and be told that they are crazy for showing emotions.

Chances are because of the above and many other circumstances such as trauma or belief systems being forced onto us (most of the time with good intention but lack of truth or awareness).   It is so important to heal these wounds.

These experiences and occurrences form how we see the world in this moment. Every encounter from the baggage, misperception or emotions bottled up leads to us misinterpreting the current moment. It is like balls and chains which restrict our happiness, our energy and negatively...

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Have We Chosen Our Family?

Have you heard that saying when it comes to your family, “well you can’t choose them”?

Is this, in fact, true though?

The truth is that we do choose our parents, or they have chosen us and we have agreed in our life between life. Having studied and read the theories of Michael Newton – we found that with our clients under hypnosis it is possible to see what happens in between each life. Before we re-incarnate we have many meetings and discussions with our soul group on a soul level. This is a fairly constant group (only visitors may attend) and they are usually your close family or friends in this life.

On a soul level, there is only love, peacefulness and a thirst to grow and attain more knowledge. When, on a soul level, we want to evolutionize our soul, we will choose ‘soul mates’ and create soul contracts that will be played out at some time in the next life in order for the soul to experience and learn.

For example, how will we learn that it...

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What Is Spirituality

How is spirituality different to being religious?  That is a question that we are often asked, and to answer as simply as possible here is a run down of what we believe to be true from our research.

Throughout the ages on earth, many religions have been created.

At certain times in history, certain religions have been released. Through studying all of the religions there have been similarities throughout all of them. Key messengers which seem to reverberate through each religion;

  • Be kind to others
  • There is a higher power
  • Love self and others

What we found by looking at the time line of when religions were released, we can find that each one was channelled from source. As you may or may not know, with channelling, the messengers are sent via vibrations. These vibrations need to be translated through the knowledge, language and filters in our mind.

If the language and filters in which the information was coming through from source is not as advanced or some words...

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