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How To Ease "The Healing Hangover"

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The ‘healing hangover’ or technically the Integration Period after a deep healing session.

A few of our clients are going through this at the moment, so it inspired me to write up about it in regards to what to expect and what is actually happening and the best way to manage it.

While I don’t like to put expectations or suggestions into people's minds, after having conducted hundreds of healing sessions and having experienced a lot of healing’s myself (and many hangovers) this article is a generalisation of experiences and tips. You may experience little or none of these or you may experience them all. The main reason why I wanted to create this was because I have a belief that fear comes from not understanding or expecting the worst
– so to avoid that, I would like to give you some tips around this time that should help.

1. What to expect straight after your healing.

During a healing, a lot of pent-up negative stagnant energy is being released. Not only that but millions of neurological paths are being changed and re-wired to be in line with your desired goals. Sessions can be quite intensive and you may feel either very relaxed and peaceful or you will feel a bit drained or tired.

Either way, the deeper and more profound the realisations and healing more likely the more tired you will be – which is a good thing because at least you know it was a big release for you!

Extra Tips
 – It is suggested that you have a healing done on a day in which you are able to be alone, quiet and be able to relax afterwards. Drink lots of water, as with any detox (even emotional) you need to rehydrate to assist the shifting and releasing of toxins or negative energy. 

2. Going to sleep that night.

The night of your healing, you will most likely find that you fall asleep very easily. You tend to be more tired than usual and your physical body is trying to work to shift energy from certain meridians (think acupuncture points) so that you can take on more positive energy. We often nickname this time uploading and downloading. Uploading means that the denser lower vibration energy is uploading or releasing back into the universe (energy never disappears it just transmutes or changes form). The term downloading means that you are either downloading from group consciousness, 4th-7th dimension (other light beings on your team, your guide etc) or directly from your higher-self. This might manifest as feeling physically tired but feeling like your at a busy meeting with heaps of people telling you their ideas all at once. This could also be when you download activations, such as telepathy or more empathy.

Extra Tips – If you have work or school commitments the next day, aim to eat something nutritional earlier than when you normally have dinner and drink a lot of water before going to bed earlier than you normally would. In general, we find that you need at least 2 to 3 hours extra sleep than your normal routine. 

3. The morning after.

The morning after is generally pretty hard. It is just like a hangover really! The emotions that you released the day before, for example, say you released a lot of sadness that you have been holding onto and building over the last decade (through re-triggering and suppression) will still be detoxing from the deepest parts of your being. When you wake up the next morning you may feel so sad (and possibly tired and heavy) that you almost feel depressed. Just know that this will pass. When you work with us, you are not just releasing it on an emotional level but you are also releasing it on a mental, physical and soul level so don’t expect this to be easy but trust us it is totally worth this short-lived pain. It’s like going to the gym, working on a particular muscle until it really hurts and you have the 2nd day burn… but you never have to work on that muscle again… it will stay toned forever.

Extra Tips – If you need to take half a day off to just wallow around and feel sorry for yourself – that’s ok! Be compassionate and gentle with yourself as you would a child. This is a special time in your life and it will be difficult in the short term but well worth it in the end.  Eat what you feel like, take a bath with Epson Salts or just take a short to help the stagnant energy shift earlier in the day if you do have commitments that you can’t avoid.

4. During the day.

On a mental level, while these are emotions are detoxing, you will also be shifting perceptions on many events and perhaps thinking about what came through in the healing for you. That is ok for you to do if you need too but take note that they are thoughts that could be detoxing too –  so don’t particularly take them as truth.
The other thing to note is that you may be feeling extra sensitive and emotional, so be aware that others may trigger you more than usual and you will either want to be alone more than normal, or you may want to reach out to others due to the stress response. Having heightened emotions may cloud your decision making or you may become irrational when it comes to communicating with others – so it is best to be on your own and nurture yourself or minimise time with others, especially if they trigger you normally.

Extra Tip – One of the best ways to get through the emotional extremes as you are detoxing them is to journal. Write down all the thoughts that you are having that are running through your mind, get really authentic and even if you are having very negative thoughts write them down. As children, we may have naturally have journaled to express our emotions but at some stage, someone may have read and belittled us because of the honesty of what we wrote – if you have hesitation because of privacy just rip up or burn the pages that you have written on once you are done – this can be a form of healing and releasing in itself. The best way to start we find is to start writing by asking questions, for example, “why do I feel so angry at … ” and keep writing until you can’t write anymore. It could be one paragraph or 7 pages. There is no right or wrong here. You know that you have written enough when you feel a sense of relief mentally and emotionally.

5. What am I going through exactly?

It has been proven scientifically that memory is not only held in our head but it is held holographically in our body and cells. How is it possible that our cells keep being replaced constantly, but our immune system can remember which anti-body to release after we have had chicken pox as a child?  Memories and emotions are held in our ‘field’ which is our magnetic field (see picture below) this magnetic field as being sent from (like a projector) from our DNA which is held in our cells and connected through our nervous system.
We can ‘feel’ these physically because like when you feel the emotion of anger you can feel the warmth and the physiological shift and mental thought processes which adjust through the lens of this emotional energy. When we heal, we are releasing emotion from this holographic cellular memory and in turn, all of the pent-up emotions are coming into our now as they are moving through to dissipate. That is why you can feel heavy, sore and low physically as it's released on each level.

You are essentially detoxing old suppressed emotions that have been trapped in your nervous system for years, often decades. Not only do the trapped energies release in the session, but post-session, ant repetition or trauma re-enactment (similar events) need to release as well.

You're biology and nervous system are also rewiring. This takes a lot of energy hence why rst and recovery is required. Simkilar to when you have had a really emotional day and just feel exhausted and want to rest. 

6. Resisting vs. Releasing

Unfortunately, most of us were not taught how to manage our emotions at school and at home. This has caused a great issue in society with a vast amount of people suppressing, resisting and self medicating deep emotional wounds. Pain comes when we feel an emotion and try to avoid it by distracting ourselves, blaming someone else for it or finding band-aids to cover it up to feel relaxed for a short period of time – only for them to creep up again, get stronger over time and pop up randomly – either by exploding at someone else or others or imploding through manifestations of ill physical health and disease.
Resisting the emotion causes us more pain than sitting with the emotion so it can process and reveal its learning to us. It is the resistance of the emotion which causes the pain.

If you believe that negative emotions makes you less than a perfect person, then you're looking at it the wrong way. Negative emotions are feedback to bring into your awareness a learning which has been missed (and it will keep occurring through triggering, patterns, people and circumstances) until you get the learning. The earth school is relentless and you are here to expand and grow your consciousness (you soul chose this school).

7. How will you know once the processing is done?

A few things may happen which will allow you to know when your processing period is over. Whether the processing was 1 day or 4 days (depending on how much was worked on in the session) there are a few key signs that the healing hangover is finally over!

  1. You feel surges of energy through your body and out of your hands and feet. This is a great indication that stagnant energy has moved and more positive energy now has a chance to move in and through you.
  2. You may feel a natural high! This is one of the benefits of healing, as you release lower vibrations, your vibrational frequency increases and you will hit a peak a day or two after processing. You probably haven’t felt such a high before other than drugs – this means that your ‘happiness potential line’ has moved up. This peak will balance out after a day or 2 but enjoy the natural ride!
  3. You may see the world differently as your senses strength has increased. Colours may be more vibrant, you may look at everyone and feel connected and see the good in them, you may appreciate and be present with nature more. the shift in your belief systems also changes your perception which may make you perceive the world and yourself in a more positive light.
  4. You may feel a great sense of peace. If you haven’t been able to manage your emotions, or have had huge ups and downs – forever chasing that elusive sense of calm and contentness but have instead found yourself to be a stress head, depressed, anxious or angry for most of your life this will be a beautiful turning point for you where you get to feel a sense of a calming and assured peace within yourself that you may not have felt before.
  5. The way that you communicate with others may improve, relationships miraculously heal (through healing what you don’t like in others through healing these parts in yourself), business deals all of a sudden get over the line or people may reach out to you that haven’t heard from in a long time.
  6. Synchronicities may occur. Your intentions now will be more pure and stronger with each healing. You may think, “oh, I really feel like getting a coffee” then all of a sudden a friend calls you for coffee. Or you may see the same numbers on clocks and other places over and over.
  7. An urge to smile and laugh. As you heal you get closer and closer to your true self – your true self is creative, fun and compassionate. Smiling and talking to others is more natural for children who haven’t created all the baggage while going through adult life. So if you're feeling a bit childish then go with it and enjoy!

Some people don’t get awakened until they die, some people get their learnings earlier in life. You are one of the lucky people that are going through the accelerated advanced class by going in and working on yourself
– so high five for that!

If you are going through the process of healing, and essentially clearing all of your baggage from the past so you can feel peaceful again – it would be wise not to create more. Let emotions run through you. Go within and find out why you're experiencing it. Breath.

See your processing, uploading/downloading healing hangover as a gift!




The Healing Hangover/Integration Period Post Session (understanding for RCT practitioners)

"More often than not, at the time of the painful event/trauma, the person didn’t have the capacity or feel safe to fully express /process / complete the emotions and activation from their body.

Our job as RCT practitioners is to take someone back to where it happened and give their body and mind a chance to finally heal & release (what is currently stuck in past time, being re-triggered and created over & over again).

Once they have a chance to be guided by their body & mind back (or in rare cases forward), by you, their co-pilot… and complete releasing the sensations that couldn’t at the time.

They finally have a chance to see things clearly & learn something from a new perspective. OR more often than not, bring wisdom, reconnection, safety and joy back to that fragment of their soul.

So the aftermath, the Healing Hangover, as we have coined it… is the time warp of emotional expression. It’s actually how they would have felt of having been given the chance to process it naturally (although amplified if it’s been a repeated/ unconsciously recreated trauma).

This condensed energy (finally) naturally leaves the system, as it ‘should’ have at the time.

So when someone is experiencing this important part of the healing and integrating this part back into their hearts ♥️ treat them or advise people around them to treat them like the trauma has just occurred in real-time.

Offer to prepare meals, laundry 🧺, to offer just an ear (not solutions). Give space, yet an open channel for them to work their thoughts and epiphanies out… to honour what they are feeling as they are detoxing decades of emotions and chemical reactions, like stress hormones or sadness from their bodies.

It’s such an important time & part of the healing ❤️‍🩹"

As a gift to our clients, we created an Integration Meditation here – feel free to use anytime!
Melissa Hiemann