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The Healing Hangover - My personal experience

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If you have experienced a healing before, you may be aware of the healing hangover during the integration period.

When I first experienced this for myself, I was not warned about how I would feel afterwards or how to manage it. Was I in for an unpleasant surprise!

This particular healer was actually hired as a business coach. I was running a therapy practice and needed some help and had met him at a business networking meeting.

My first appointment was booked. It was a Thursday night.

It was so strange as I never experienced anything like it before. It was the first time that I really got to experience the power of energy and our mind. Let’s just say that the TV turned on by itself, it was that intense.

The next day I was feeling so depressed. Again, I was not warned about this and had been doing a lot of work on my personal development over the previous 6 months, so I was feeling quite balanced emotionally for a long time.

Back to feeling depressed. I felt so low and the part that really made me uncomfortable as I didn’t know why. I ended up watching a kids movie, I believe it was how to train your dragon and balled my eyes out.

Day 2 I was feeling sick, so sick that I wanted to throw up, sick with guilt. Again nothing that felt like was happening at the time. At this stage, I was slightly angry in thinking that he had done something very bad to my psyche and was not happy. I proceeded to call him (angrily I might add), telling him how I had done so much work to find balance and he has completely ruined all my work.

He had mind you, given me a lot of work to do in the business. His response was “You have shifted about 25 years of stuff, this is normal – now go and throw up and go back to work”.

I realised that maybe there was some sense in that I guess, so did as he said and kept on working through the day.

Day 3 was the worst. I had crippling anxiety. It was so bad, more intense than I had ever felt before. I was not only in fear due to what I was feeling but also that it wasn’t going to be over.

I hesitated in contacting him. Thankfully by day 4 I balanced out and felt a sense of peacefulness that I hadn’t experienced before.

A few years later now and I still experience these Healing Hangovers. They are the emotional equivalent of a detox. When you drink clean foods and green juices for 30 days straight, you are bound to feel a bit sluggish and drained at the many years of toxins, chemicals and junk food leave your body.

I love it when I am in an emotional detox mode. It means that I have shifted a lot of deep ‘stuff’ and that it's a sign of releasing heavy energy in order to raise my vibration greater than I had before.

Are you going through a healing hangover right now and need some guidance on how to ease it?

If you are going through an emotional detox, or Healing Hangover and need assistance to get through it in a more positive light or are interested in a powerful healing session, then click HERE to find a Root-Cause Therapy Practitioner in your area.




The Healing Hangover/Integration Period Post Session (understanding for RCT practitioners)

"More often than not, at the time of the painful event/trauma, the person didn’t have the capacity or feel safe to fully express /process / complete the emotions and activation from their body.

Our job as RCT practitioners is to take someone back to where it happened and give their body and mind a chance to finally heal & release (what is currently stuck in past time, being re-triggered and created over & over again).

Once they have a chance to be guided by their body & mind back (or in rare cases forward), by you, their co-pilot… and complete releasing the sensations that couldn’t at the time.

They finally have a chance to see things clearly & learn something from a new perspective. OR more often than not, bring wisdom, reconnection, safety and joy back to that fragment of their soul.

So the aftermath, the Healing Hangover, as we have coined it… is the time warp of emotional expression. It’s actually how they would have felt of having been given the chance to process it naturally (although amplified if it’s been a repeated/ unconsciously recreated trauma).

This condensed energy (finally) naturally leaves the system, as it ‘should’ have at the time.

So when someone is experiencing this important part of the healing and integrating this part back into their hearts ♥️ treat them or advise people around them to treat them like the trauma has just occurred in real-time.

Offer to prepare meals, laundry 🧺, to offer just an ear (not solutions). Give space, yet an open channel for them to work their thoughts and epiphanies out… to honour what they are feeling as they are detoxing decades of emotions and chemical reactions, like stress hormones or sadness from their bodies.

It’s such an important time & part of the healing ❤️‍🩹"


Written by: Melissa Hiemann

Co-Founder and Healer at The Centre for Healing


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