What Is Spirituality

How is spirituality different to being religious?  That is a question that we are often asked, and to answer as simply as possible here is a run down of what we believe to be true from our research.

Throughout the ages on earth, many religions have been created.

At certain times in history, certain religions have been released. Through studying all of the religions there have been similarities throughout all of them. Key messengers which seem to reverberate through each religion;

  • Be kind to others
  • There is a higher power
  • Love self and others

What we found by looking at the time line of when religions were released, we can find that each one was channelled from source. As you may or may not know, with channelling, the messengers are sent via vibrations. These vibrations need to be translated through the knowledge, language and filters in our mind.

If the language and filters in which the information was coming through from source is not as advanced or some words cannot be translated these messages can get misconstrued.

The other matter is how much can you tell people, what can they handle, in that current time or current society?

You guessed it. Each time there was a ‘religious’ leader, they had to first have enough knowledge in order to get the message across accurately, and secondly, they have to say it to people in a way so they can act in a better way as a society and people… but to what they could understand and most importantly not put them into fear or chaos.

These leaders themselves did not conform to some kind of religion… they created the religion through getting information from source.

You are part of god, your higher-self is powerful, wise and in direct contact with this source energy. Once your clear away the baggage and blockages, you are essentially clearing out the “pipe” and allowing this information or, intuition to come through.


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