How Can We Truly Love Ourselves?

Have you heard that saying, “you can’t truly love someone else until you truly love yourself?”. It’s a legitimate saying but how do we actually truly love ourselves.

It seems like a never ending process to loving ourselves. The path of healing and enlightenment can take on so many layers, so much time and effort.

How do we focus on ourselves when we are meant to be focusing on how we can help others, how to change the world positively in our own little way and work on loving ourselves deeply at the same time?

I can tell you the answer – but don’t expect some magical instant gratification secret or some secret pill formulation. You can get a taste of it with substances but this is fake and short lived.

You need to be able to go deep within. Under all the layers of anger, of fear and frustration. Even deeper then what you are consciously aware of and could image. Right into the subconscious, the cellular memory and soul memory.

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