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Protection vs Connection

connection energy fatigue fear protection soma somatic survival May 03, 2022
Protection vs Connection

There was a discovery made by Bruce Lipton where he found that every cell in our body has two switches. One side of the switch being shut down and surviving, the other side of the switch being thriving and growing.

Each cell in our body has this switch, and is either switched on or off at any given moment. There is no middle, we are either in a state of connection or a state of protection.

The human species has primarily lived from a place of survival for thousands of years, our environment has caused our nervous system to adapt and learn to live from a place driven by unconscious fear. The primary objective of this fear is; survival of the individual, survival of the family, and survival of the collective.

When we are in a state of protection the areas of the brain that govern rationality, compassion, clear thinking, understanding and other positive qualities gets taken offline to varying degrees. We cannot be in protection and connection at the same time.

Is it any wonder then that in the name of survival we are driving ourselves to the brink of extinction?

These are pressing times, and as a species we cannot afford to keep orienting ourselves from this place of fear. Though, this is not something we can simply “choose” to do as many of the layers exist within our individual and collective unconscious.

Below what we are aware of there are fears, belief systems and structures that filter our reality that orient our thinking and action. When we attempt to come to a place of connection whilst at the same time bypassing these unconscious structures then sabotage inevitably ensues.



This is why we have had so many come to the forefront of our systems with the positive intention to bring about change in our world only to be weeded out, corrupted or overthrown in time.

The change is never lasting. This is due to the dysfunction that exists down in and through our survival drive. In buddhism they have a term “compassion fatigue”.

This term is a wonderful description of what it's like to attempt to bypass the skeletons that exist at the bottom of the ocean of our unconscious, it takes tremendous effort to maintain a “false” state of connection, and eventually collapses.

All changes made from within the physiology of survival is based on fear, and inevitably breeds more fear and more survival.

We may have the best of intentions to bring about change, but the undercurrent that is driving the intentions is of the same energetic quality that causes the problem, therefore the end result being the same problem

The way out of protection and into connection reminds me of the quote “the obstacle is the doorway”. The more we can fully experience, contain, and integrate our unconscious energies the more we naturally step into a place of connectedness.


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The more I step into my humanity, the more I am able to meet other humans in theirs. The more we can learn to hold and transmute the energetic quality that exists in our felt sense, the more these energies find resolution. Not by avoiding, not by fixing, not by manipulating or controlling, but by meeting directly.

With our gentle and compassionate attention. This is what will transform our physiology, and as a result our world.

In peace,
The Centre for Healing

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